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My Wallet Got Stolen! Argh!!!!!!!!!!


Jun 11, 2006
OMG! I lost EVERYTHING inside!

7 Credit Cards, my ATM card, Driver's License, Neiman Marcus Gift Card, DSW Gift Card, Express Gift Card, Starbucks gift card, possibly my Social Security Card, my insurance cards, a bunch of stuff in there I need, BLANK CHECKS, and a bunch of receipts of stuff I need to return (I bought some toys and extra gifts).

I am so unbelievably crushed. I feel so violated and cheated. It was left behind at Subway today and I realised it was gone within an hour. I called and they said it was not there and no one turned it in. Therefore, it was stolen, otherwise they would turn it in. I spent 2 hours calling my cards frantically to cancel everything. I am essentially broken since everything is canceled so even my Paypal would not work and I have no photo ID. Not even Costco!

Oh I am so sad :sad: I finally found something this morning from NM I wanted (moisture gloves from Bliss) but was running late and thought I would just order tonight.

I'm just thankful that I deposited most of my cash yesterday into the bank, unfortunately, I still had about $60 which I'm sure I will never see again.

I'm still so mad! I have found wallets my entire life but I ALWAYS return it. I go to pretty far measures to do so too.

This sucks :cries:

I had to call my housemate and say she had to pay the ENTIRE bill herself this month since all my accounts are dead for the moment. I feel bad since she is really strapped for cash as it is.

OMG! I just realised something. My Financial Aid! It is on Direct Deposit with my bank. ARGH!

I know this is so off topic, but this is the section I hang around in and I've gotten to know a few of you super well so I felt comfortable posting in here.


Sep 13, 2006
Sorry to hear that!! What a nightmare. It sounds like you canceled all your cards but if you had a library card don't forget to cancel that too. I had a friend whose wallet got stolen and someone checked 150 items out of the library on her card. The library worked with her but she had to pay some for all the items that were never returned. Ugg.


Oct 4, 2006
Oh, I'm so sorry! I've had my wallet pickpocketed a couple of years ago whilst doing my Xmas shopping, and went through the whole panicky cancelling everything process too. It's such a pain when wallets get stolen, it's like half your life is suddenly gone, totally handicapped :cursing:


Dec 3, 2006
I am a newbie, but I really feel for you. Situations like this are devastating. You did right by calling your credit card companies and bank by cancelling your accounts. Next you need to file a consumer statement on your credit report authorizing NO CREDIT EXTENSIONS without contacting you first by telephone. The best thing you can do NOW is to protect your FUTURE. Good Luck on stopping any further damage. I am very sorry.


Sep 10, 2006
Oh my gosh..I am so sorry this happened to you. Hopefully your good karma from returning everyone else's wallets will return the favor. Don't give up hope..someone may be mailing it to you. Keep your fingers crossed chickie..


Addicted to Tiffany's
Apr 24, 2006
OMG sweetie I am so sorry that this happened to you!!

I had a wallet and cell phone stolen years ago so I know how it feels:sad:

I also had my Social Security card in my wallet...make sure you call the credit bureaus and the Social Security department so that they can 'red flag' your account.


Toya T
Nov 29, 2006
Im so sorry that happen to you.
I hope you called all your credit card companys and have them cancel your cards and change the card numbers. And call your bank to cancel that checking account.Maybe they can let you have a temp card.I know my bank will do it.Ive had my wallet stolen too and i know how you feel.Im so sorry :crybaby: Just make sure you keep your wallet inside your bag and hold on to it TIGHT!!!


bling n' bags!
Oct 22, 2006
awww liz sorry to hear this!! i am always so paranoid about something like this...your life really is wrapped up in things like ID and cc's and bank cards. and it takes them a few days to get stuff shipped out to you. anyway good luck getting back to normal.