my wallet doesnt have a serial number?

  1. hello ladies i recently bought this wallet:

    and i bought it myself from the gucci store so i know its real... but there is no serial number on there.. am i looking in the wrong spot? is it right under my nose? or do some wallet not have them??

    confusion! help! :confused1:
  2. There should be one. It is hard to describe where, but when you open the wallet, you have the two sides that hold the credit cards. Check the two compartments under the credit card slots.
  3. oh my lordie. it was right there!!! thanks emald. im embarrassed i needed help on that one. haha!! i guess i thought it would be bigger than that.. oopsie. thank you again... :shame:
  4. You're welcome! I'm glad you found it.
  5. Shorty, you almost gave me an heart attack! :push:
  6. sorry hehee.. it was my first gucci wallet and i'm thinking its going to be all big and obvious. oopsie. sorry next time i will look harder before i start almost giving people heart attacks eek!! :balloon: my jessica simpson moment there.. heheee