My Wallet came today!!

  1. Hey Ladies I said I would post pics when my wallet came, and well, it came today, I am really happy I decided to get it. I love it and I feel like it is so "me". hehe....Also I picked up a new pair of sunnies at Saks on saturday so i figured i would include them in the post:smile::yahoo::wlae:...let me know what you all think:flowers:

  2. [​IMG]


  3. i think it's gorgeous, congrats!
  4. I love this wallet. I saw it in the boutique today and drooled! Congrats, it's really stunning!
  5. That is so beautiful!
    What a lovely purchase :smile:
  6. Wow what a stunning wallet!! Congrats!
  7. Beautiful wallet and sunglasses, Lo!!
  8. Congrats to ur new purchases! The wallet & sunnies are gorgeous~~
  9. Congratulations! I like your sunnies esp the quilting on the side!
  10. They are both stunning. Congrats
  11. Awesome, they are both so gorgeous!!
  12. your wallet and sunnies :smile:
  13. that wallets great and those sunnies are cute, congrats x
  14. Congrats!!!! I got the same Wallet @ christmas too! isnt it fab! I really like the silver colour and the size.
  15. Love the wallet and the sunnies :smile:

    Congrats :biggrin: