My walk in closet. Lots of pics.

  1. Looks great! Thanks for sharing :smile:
  2. Beautiful! I'm sure it's nice to see this everyday!
  3. Beautiful!! I love your shoe shelves too, they look super functional! Thanks for sharing!
  4. ahhh that shoe shelf looks wonderful. :love:
  5. Gorgeous collection! You are one lucky girl. :smile:

    I so want your kind of shoes shelves. Hopefully I'm able to fix one of these in my new place (Singapore's new flats are terribly small!). And I love the way you organize your accessories. So neat. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Thanks. I love that cushion. I think Missoni has a lovely home collection and at reasonable prices (at least compared to their clothes).
  7. Thanks. It was my dream to have a walk in closet. We put everything up ourselves. It took a long time to get all the things together and making all the decisions on what I wanted to have and save up the money.
  8. Thanks. I´m very fond of my shoe shelves. I like that they can be pulled out. They can fit two rowes of shoes each but I don´t have that many shoes yet:biggrin:

    We put in IKEA lighting on some of the shoe and other shelves and it looks really nice in the evening.
  9. Lovely Closet!!!
  10. beautiful!

    we just replaced light bulbs in our walk-in closet...which illuminated all of the dust that has settled on everything. i have spent the last 3 hours dusting like a crazy person, i just don't know where it all comes from!
  11. Nice!
  12. Perfection!
  13. Wow I'm sooo jealous!
    It's beautiful
  14. Thanks. It´s a dream come true. Now I´m bussy trying to fill it up with clothes.
  15. Gah! I love the shoe drawers!
    What a wonderful walk in closet. A massive walk in closet!!!!