My walk in closet. Lots of pics.

  1. iWe have finished with the interior of our second floor. I´m so happy abou my walk in closet.

    We have a sliding door from the bedroom. There is shoe shelves that can be pulled out.
    DSC01454 (466x700).jpg DSC01419 (700x420).jpg DSC01431 (700x546).jpg DSC01439 (466x700).jpg DSC01438 (332x700).jpg
  2. I have a drawer for my jewellery and one for my make up.

    A big mirror and a Missoni cushion. Some purple curtains with a tassel.
    DSC01426 (417x700).jpg DSC01433 (700x540).jpg DSC01441 (700x372).jpg DSC01451 (700x533).jpg DSC01450 (700x382).jpg
  3. Some more pics.
    DSC01430 (381x700).jpg DSC01440 (700x430).jpg
  4. Wow! You have an amazing closet with some amazing items in it :smile: Looks like you're a lucky gal.
  5. Awecome. Is it possible to see a picture from the entry way to get an overall view of it? I can't picture how it all comes together.
  6. Wow everything looks amazing Nahreen! Great job! :tup:
  7. Thanks kimmy.

    It´s quite small so I might not get all into one picture. When you look in from the door you´ll see the lower shelves with the shoes, perfume bottles and all the drawers with makeup etc on the opposite wall from the door. On the same wall as the door, you´ll see the higher wardrobes where I´ve my clothes and bags. On the small walls, one has the window and on the other hangs the mirror.

    Thanks Erin.
  8. So this makes me want to run and fix mine up!! I love it!! All so neatly displayed like works of art!
  9. Nice closet!
  10. Very nice! :smile: The LV purse looks perfect in there.

    Did you purchase shelvings of varying heights yourself and put them in? I am about to get a big walk in closet room so I am thinking of ideas.
  11. Thank you. We purchased two heights of shelves. The lower ones were 1,1m and the higher ones about 2,1 m. We ordered them from a company that makes kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes (Danish HTH). They helped us with the drawings but we put them up ourselves. I decided what shelves I wanted and where I wanted them. There were more things to choose from like a mirror that could be pulled out, special racks for trousers, ties etc.

    We looked around at different companies supplying wardrobes but HTH were the only ones that could supply the lower heights.
  12. Beautiful!!! And in the process of getting new wardrobes, so HTH was a great tip!!!
  13. Beautiful closet -- enjoy!!
  14. That is great, it looks wonderful :smile: Thanks for sharing!!
  15. It looks really nice. I love the pop of color with the Missoni cushion. Just looking at it makes me happy :smile: