My waiter at lunch today is probably saying "Now I have seen everything"

  1. A friend of mine wanted to eat at the Sea Grill at Rock Center today - its restaurant week and there is some new chef there that everyone is making a fuss over. So okay. I hop the subway uptown and get there before she does. The hostess seats me at a table with only two chairs. Waiter comes over and after I ask him for diet coke, I say, "Can I ask you a favor? May I have an paper towel or something to put under my bag before I set it on the floor? I know I sound like a jerk but its a brand new birkin bag." Without batting an eye, he says, "Maam, I completely understand. No problem." Two seconds later he comes back with a huge clean white linen napkin, which he spreads it on the floor next to me. For the bag.

    It was very nice of him, but I really did feel like a fool(but a content one).

    Of course, two seconds later another woman comes in the restaurant with a birkin bag and and sat down at a table a few feet away from me. She put hers right on the (noncarpeted) floor, without so much a seconds hesitation. In my own defense, let me say that hers looked very well loved, whereas mine is still in the "new car with no scratches yet" phase.
  2. Hmmm...I completely understand. I usually put it on an empty chair or my lap....Garden Party though can sit on the subway floor!
  3. i can relate to both you and the other woman.
    a new bag is so so precious, and that stage is so so precious, but there is also something divinely decadent about treating it like a bag.
    thanks for sharing the scene with us!
  4. To each its own I would say, and I am also not consistent. At times, I will ask for an extra seat for my H bag. Others, I will plonk it on the floor next to my seat. Yup, even a brand newish Birkin.
  5. i'm the same way. if it's carpeted i might set them down on the floor. if it is not i'll look for a chair or table to put them on.
  6. How sweet of your server!!! I love your description of his gallantry at putting the linen down for you. Whatever it takes for you to be comfortable and enjoy your meal is worth it.
  7. He was a little thrown, however, when I asked him to check my light sabre.

    (sorry, bad joke)
  8. ^^ hee hee
  9. Love it!!! I am happy he went along with your request in such a nice way!!

    How was lunch?;)
  10. Very nice of him :smile: Cute story! I usually put my bag in an extra chair or in my lap, which can get uncomfortable. I need to invest in one of those purse-hook thingies.
  11. LOL! What a sweet waiter! I totally get that "new car stage"!
  12. It was good although not great by New York standards, despite the hype. Beautiful decor, though.
  13. I am the same way with my bags, even though I am yet to receive my first Hermes bag. I carry only Chanel bags and still will not sit them on the floor. I just "baby" my bags.
    Loved the story and the waiter was first class with his response.
  14. There's nothing wrong with that!! Your server was wonderful to not only comply but do so without the trademark Manhattan eye roll. LOL!

    Also, for what it's worth, I don't even put down my cheapie bags on the floor after seeing several TV shows about various bacteria and viruses found on the bottom of ladies' purses. :yucky:
  15. It shows how much you treasure your new Birkin which is wonderful!