My wait is over...the boys are finally mine!

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  1. Anyone up for a quick review?


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  2. Here! 🍿
  3. Sure
  4. Here :woohoo:
  5. First up


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  6. Next up


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  7. :dothewave: very nice! Congrats on your twin boys!
  8. Side by side in natural daylight (The red is darker IRL than the picture is able to capture)



  9. Wow !! I ordered the black but loving the red! Enjoy!
  10. This season's caviar and rhw up close


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  11. Are these small or mediums! ! Beautiful! !

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  12. Thank you! Loving every bit of it!

    I have always envy people with red boys. Such an eye candy. I couldn't pass up the opportunity again. Yet I cannot decide between black and red, so here they are! Off to ban island I guess :smile:
  13. Congratulations - I don't think I could have chosen just one either.
    Enjoy both of your gorgeous boys!!!

  14. I got them in old medium. But also thinking if I should get the black in new medium instead... Decisions decisions...