My wait is finally over!

  1. The Gucci Britt top handle shoulder bag FINALLY arrived from the BBOS outlet. It was hung up by some computer glitch, which took over a week to iron out. Definitely worth waiting for. Plus, they gave me some extra $$$ off! This style, #167723, apparently came out in the Fall of 06. I've seen pictures of it in croc, latte, black, and milk.

    It has been a long search for any color (except milk) as Gucci no longer stocks it. When I saw it in suede, I did the happy dance :yahoo: . Wish my photographic skills matched the beauty of this bag. Right now, it is drying...I sprayed on some Apple Garde.

    This bag is sometimes called the Britt Messenger. I love the flat silhouette. It hangs great on the shoulder. It does not fit me cross body...I would need an extra 8 inches of strap length. It *may* fit a really thin person cross body. But I love it and can't wait to take it out!
    guccibritt.jpg guccibrittinside.jpg
  2. Yes this did come out last year. Congrats! I esp love the G rings hanging off the zip ends. Congrats! At least black is a classic, cannot go wrong!
  3. Congrats! It will be a great bag to use for fall!
  4. That's really nice!!! ENJOY!
  5. awww
  6. Cool bag!!! congrats!
  7. very cool bag! congrats!
  8. OOOOoooo, pretty! Very nice choice!
  9. Very nice bag! enjoy
  10. Congrats!
  11. How really cute. This would be a very handy bag to take anywhere,especially for outdoors events. I can see this going to a game or fair hanging off the shoulder over a snappy Fall jacket!! I really like it.:tup:
  12. very nice, congrats!! modelling pics please!
  13. really pretty, congrats!!
  14. I love it, congrats!
  15. *gasp* I love this bag too and have been looking for it. Are there any more left? Any other colors May I ask how much you purchased it for? Do you know if they allow over the phone/ship purchases? And which outlet is BBOS? Thanks!