my vuitton Inclusion pink GM

  1. my vuitton Inclusion pink GM from 05 was stolen from me:crybaby: it was a gift and dear to my heart...I miss it...where would I find one?
  2. Oh no, I am soooo sorry! I will be on the lookout for you...
  3. thank u sooo very means alot to me :smile:
  4. oh boy!! that's really sad.... i believe they've already been discontinued. eBay, perhaps?
  5. that is awful! Do you have any idea who took it?
    eBay would be a good place to start looking for a replacement. On occasion I have asked my poupette sellers to help me find something and usually they are very helpful.
  6. Aww! I'm SO sorry! Some people can be SO rude! I really hope you find another. Maybe you can call 866 and they can find one for you???
  7. Sorry this happened to you. Try eBay search: Louis Vuitton bracelets. Good luck!! I have several Inclusion bracelets and I would be so upset if anything happened to them.
  8. That sucks! I know there are a few inclusions on Ebay, but not sure what color or size they are.
  9. Do you have any idea who stole from you?
    That makes me sick- I hate a thief:rant:
  10. thank u was stolen in london's heathrow airport .... I 've been looking in ebay for a while luck yet but still trying
  11. Like people said, ebay is good, or you can try I saw one on there a little bit ago. Or I'm sure you could email her or the guys at let-trade or They are good about trying to find things for people. Good luck and I'm so sorry it was stolen. I get so mad whenever I've had anything stolen. Don't worry though, cuz I'm sure lots of people will look out for one for you too from here. *hugs*
  12. Oh no, what a terrible thing to happen! Sorry to hear that, try ebay and keep checking.
  13. Sorry to hear
  14. omg.
    thats terrible!
    do you know WHO stole it? or is it just 'gone'?
    keep checking with karen kooper, let trade DEFINTIELY ebay