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My VP sizing dilemma...


Oct 9, 2009
Hello Ladies, I would appreciate any advice you have on VP sizing...

Last week I ordered the Black leather VP w/ burgandy tip from NM in Both sizes 39 and 39.5. Well, I received the order and still can't decide which size is best for me:

- The 39 is pretty snug in the toebox and my toes are right at the edge but no heel slippage...

- The 39.5 feels great lengthwise and in the toebox, but my heel sometimes slips already...

I guess the main question I have is how much does this shoe stretch over time? Should I go for the snug fit and hope it stretches out in the toebox, or should I go with the bigger fit? I just don't want to go with the larger size now and have them falling off my foot down the road if these shoes stretch out, so any advice is appreciated - what size would you recommend?

Thanks in advance!
Nov 30, 2008
I hate shoes that slip and always prefer my shoes to be on the tight side so I can walk without having to worry about whether my shoes are going to fly off or not lol I say go with the smaller size. I find that even with many of my shoes, particularly my VPs that I put heel grips in, still slip with the grip! The shoes will be uncomfortable and really tight for a while, but with wear, they will feel better...and like laureen said, you can always have a cobbler help.


Jun 6, 2007
I tried on my very first pair of CLs this evening at my local Nordstrom and was surprised to find that my heel was slipping out of a size 37 1/2, which is what I normally wear in Gucci and LV. The size 37 was a bit snug on the sides of the toe area but the length was a perfect fit. Per my SA, the recommendation was for me to purchase the size 37s as they would stretch out over time or have a cobbler stretch them out for me.


Dec 9, 2007
good to see you're keeping the 39. the snugness should become more comfortable after some wear. since your heel's already slipping out of 39.5, that'll just get more annoying...

snug, but not uncomfortably tight is a good sign :yes: