My visit to the Fifth Avenue store

  1. I was in NYC this weekend to visit my uncle who is in the hospital. Since that was the purpose of my visit, I didn't really have time for shopping. My aunt and uncle had me take my young cousin out for lunch on Saturday and spend some time with her since she is going through a lot right now. She wanted to go to the American Girl store since I always send her American Girl stuff as gifts. Since we were walking around in that area already, I took her on a small detour to the BV store. I didn't want to bore her in there, so my visit was very brief. She cracked me up because she said "this place is so nice I could live in here."

    The SA that I was talking to was not too friendly until I started asking her very specific questions about colors and styles and she commented that I really knew a lot about the brand and warmed up. Everything in there was so beautiful, but there were two items that really struck me. First was the karung fan clutch (which is on NAP). It was really stunning and elegant. The other was the milano stripe wallet. It really was a work of art. I almost got it, but I had a hard time swallowing $880 for a wallet and was worried that the little loops in the center of the design might catch on other things in my purse and get damaged.

    I tried on a few bags and fell in love with the pyramid. It is such a classic shape and very comfortable on the shoulder. Both the noce and t. moro were stunning. I think that this will definately be my next bag purchase. I love both of the current colors, but I'm also wondering if it will be offered in more colors next season. I could have spent much longer in there, but didn't want to bore my cousin. She was having fun admiring the patent animal keychains and cell phone charms. They were really adorable! So, I didn't buy anything this time, but have a whole bunch of future purchases in mind. ;)
  2. What a lovely story! I love my trips to the BV store and even if I don't buy anything their staff is always very lovely and chat with you about next season etc. I think that they are the friendliest staff I've ever come across in a high end boutique and they all love the product they are selling not simply trying to push you into a purchase! I love the pyramid too.. and like you I hope that they bring it out in new colours next season, it is such a perfect slouchy bag!
  3. Tibu, sounds like you had a pleasant time browsing the store. Maybe your lil cousin will one day recall her love for bags (BV bags) started the day her cousin brought her to this place so nice she could live in. ;)
  4. Sounds like fun. Ths SA's perk up when they realize you know the product. Of course they should always be pleasant.

    I like that Karung clutch too, but I would never use it. It's an eye-catcher.

    Funny you mentioned the American Girl store. In Chicago, about half the people on North Mich Ave are carrying bags from that place--you can spend as much there as on a BV!!

    wanted to add that the Chicago store is always so eager to show me the new styles--I'm such an appreciative audience lol!
  5. Yes my cousin picked up a wallet and started patting it and saying "this is the softest leather I've ever felt." We are really close and she apparently tries to emulate everything that I do. I do believe that I may have planted the seed for a future BV addict. :shame:
  6. Syma,the staff was really lovely after I started talking to them a bit. They might have been nervous at first that my cousin wouldn't be behaved or mess up displays. I didn't think that I would love the pyramid as much as I did since I found the Sloane too big for me in the past. There is just the right size adjustment from the Sloane to the Pyramid to make it a perfect size for me. Plus, I really prefer my bag to have a zipper closure, so the Pyramid fits the bill. If it had come in Carmino or Ferro, I probably would have left the store with one. I know the classic colors will be available, so I will probably wait to see what colors the spring brings.

    Boxermom, I also couldn't see myself using the fan clutch, but I was really struck by how gorgeous it was. DH and I will be going to Chicago for a weekend in November, so I'm hoping to visit the BV store there at a more leisurely pace.
  7. Tibu, sounds like you had a great time! :yahoo:I was at the fifth ave store sat late afternoon. It would have been funny if we ran into each other. I was looking at the karung fan clutch as well. :heart: I fell in love with the red croc envelope clutch but oh the price tag. :nuts:
  8. Mystilletto, I was in there around 4:00 on Saturday. It would be really funny if we crossed paths and didn't even realize it.
  9. Tibu, I saw the karung fan clutch IRL and it is really gorgeous! Unpractical, yes, but a real statement piece in ferro or bronze. Glad you had a good time at the BV store, enabling your young cousin to be a future BV addict!
  10. Tibu I was there around 5:30pm, I think we just missed each other! :push:
  11. Sounds like my idea of a perfect day, I'm so jealous!

    what's t. moro, a color?
  12. Mystiletto, we really must have just missed each other. Too funny!

    mundodabolsa, t. moro is a dark brown color that is similar to ebano. The SA explained that ebano is only used on nappa and t. moro is similar color in the nappa umbria.
  13. i totally love the 5 th avenue store.
    they are so nice and have a tremendous amount of stock. the press office is there so they usually know what is coming for the next season. i also read here in tpf that the repairs are done there.
  14. Thanks for sharing the story Tibu! I :heart: New York. My husband's a New Yorker, and I joke that I only married him so I could be a New Yorker by marriage--AND shop while on "family" holidays. :lol:

    The Pyramid in Noce is on my wishlist too. I saved this piccie to my hard drive from an older thread, I think from a tPF meet. Its gorgeous!!!!

    Bottega Veneta noce Pyramid.jpg
  15. Tibu your story about your cousin is so sweet! She will always have that wonderful memory with you.

    Did you happen to see the karung wallet like on NAP? It's making me drool but I have misgivings about such $$ wallets too!

    BTW, the Pyramid does come in Ferro - I think it was made for the Asian markets like Old Petra. There were a few on Bluefly briefly and I've seen it on a japanese website too. Just stunning :yes: