My Visit to the Chanel Boutique today...

  1. Hey Ladies I went to the Chanel Store in Vienna today to check out the new bags as I still want one for christmas...

    So I saw the Cambon Line Bowler there in Black with the white CC Chanel Sighn (just that the CC seemed much smaller then before.)

    Once I posted in the Forum if this Bowler is still produced and I was told that it isnt but I guess it is.. in case someone wants to get that bag.

    I asked about the Reissue in gold metallic or just gold and the very sweet SA today and she told me its completely sold out and that they even have other three customers wanting this bag.

    And the Cabas is also sold out, and they had a very long waiting list..
    I like:sad:

    But I saw this classic E/W Chanel Bag in Salmon Colour .. very beautiful.. But the problem is.. id love to get that bag but I have an very old bowler from chanel in the similar colour.. got it from my mother years ago. and I only wear those expensive bags when I go out.. and I always wear black when I go out and I know Pink, rose and those colours make a good contrast but I just know whether this bag would. Though its beautiful. Especially to white I guess.

    I also saw a new bag.. the one they also have on the internet site under cruise collection.. beige with orange lining... but in RL the beige is not so nice.. it looks dull and somehow weird.. not a "warm" colour.. ladies understand?!:smile:

    Aj what do u ladies think I should do...

  2. I would wait for a bag I loved before I splash the cash
  3. the Bowler in black/black is still produced as far as I know. The black/white may just be left over stock or perhaps overseas stores get different merchandise.
  4. the cruise bag you're talking about is a lambskin flap with a contrasting piping around the bag right? i saw the prune plum version with a blue piping and it is fabulous!
  5. I also saw a new bag.. the one they also have on the internet site under cruise collection.. beige with orange lining... but in RL the beige is not so nice.. it looks dull and somehow weird.. not a "warm" colour.. ladies understand?!:smile:

    Saskia ,I didn't like that bag either !:tdown:I don't know is it the colour combo or the style maybe??? no wonder it's still on the shelves -I saw it about a month ago lol!
    the cambon bowler sits there for months too! I like it so much and wanted to get it for me or daughters but with so many fakes around I decided not to.... :shrugs:
    About the gold reissue it's actually a bronze one! I would have got it otherwise cause I've been looking for a real gold one for some time !
    As said above I think you should wait for a month or so when the new reissues will be arriving .Don't get anything you would regret later on cause I think you'll have problems in returning it just because you changed your mind!:yes:LG
  6. Yea ... thats the cruise bag I am talking about.

    I dont know if I like such "funky" bags.. especially from Chanel, because Chanel is something classy.

    Anyway, The SA told me the purple reissue will be so amazing.. and its going to be shiny.. any of u have pics from that reiusse?!
    Because I really dont like purple (like clothing, it doesnt suit me) but maybe I should wait till they get this bag, as everyones saying its going to be so amazing...


    And she also told me something about its being satin!?
  7. Chanelspell-

    You have daughters?? How old are they?:smile:

    The Bowler is nice though somehow.. its just not very big I think..When I saw it before, I thought it was bigger.. and So its somehow not very practical for Uni, and I put it around my shoulder its somehow stressy because its so "packed" ?!
    They also have the tote there.. with the patent (lack) chanel CC. Its nice... But it didnt catch my eye.. though it would have a nice size for Uni.. and any A4 books would fit in.

    The gold reissue isnt available anymore- do u believe that?! The SA assistence was sooo sweet today though, my mother didnt have a lot of time and she like showed everything and showed me the look book and everything.. she also showed me a black jambo reissue.. what I liked but it was too big for going out (for me halt) and I tried to wear it like a messanger bag because Ive seen that on young girls.. but it looked really stupid on me.
    I always saw it on girl who are dressed like kate moss, crunshed up 100 scarfes and then that chanel bag.. what makes the bag young, and somehow gives your outfit a contrast.. but I am just not like that, I dress very classic, and I am just not funky:smile:

    and how come the reissue in fabric is more expensive then the ones in leather?! Or em I getting something wrong here?
  8. Saskia they had all fabric reissues satin and jersey as soon as they hit the market...3 weeks ago they had the satin in turqoise,purple and black satin in the vitrine-window and the purple was open so you could see the cute mirror on the inside the flap.:yes:..I loved these bags didn't mind that they were satin cause they have a lot of handicraft on and are perfect for the ballls in Hofburg hehe! ;)But they only had 2 pieces of the purple in e/w and the 225 on the window display..I didn't get any cause I am waiting to see the new reissues and for a moment I thought you were referring to the new upcoming purple lol

    Anyhow I should be going there as soon as possible to check if they'll bring any satin ones again:confused1:as you say cause I was told that they aren't going to bring any new ones as soon as they sell those in the b!:wtf: Are you sure they said they are expecting more satin reissues in purple?? Thanks for the info though!LG:smile:
  9. Well, I am a bit confussed now.. U mean the Reissue in turqoise - the one from Winter2007? And Black Satin- I never saw that one:sad: Sounds nice though!!!
    Oh and I meant the new Purple what is coming out - and thats also the SA meant. I think she said.. satin.. but maybe she just meant its going to be very shiny.. oh.. I am sorry.. I am confussed now..
    The new purple will be dark or? Not violet?!
  10. oh and jersey?! Like sweathshirts? Thats nice? Got any pics?
  11. Here you are Saskia taken from Chanel Library!:smile:
    and here's the fabulous satin purple a lovely FER got!I looove this coloue esp with the G/H!:nuts::love:
    orig. posted by totoro
  12. ohhh thats nice.....

    thanxs chanelspell!!!:yahoo:
    I knew it... I also saw the tur. in satin at chanel.. aber already in august or so...

    I am pretty sure they wont get those back.. those are the winter bags..

    But the purple isss stunning!! I have to say. Id love to have it!! Maybe we can make them find us 2!!!! No chances, huh?!

    The fabric ones I am not soo fund of.. they are ok.. but just arent the classy chanel for me..

    But thank u very very very much for ur pics:smile:
  13. "But the purple isss stunning!! I have to say. Id love to have it!! Maybe we can make them find us 2!!!! No chances, huh?!"

    Saskia I'm sure the manager will skan the EU/bs for us trust me hehe!;)She did so for me in the past!:yes:
    Pm me when you have time and I'll gladly arrange with you to visit the b together!:smile:
  14. jersey isn't sweatshirt material, it's t-shirt material. At least in the USA.
    A sweatshirt here is fuzzy inside, like fleece.

  15. wow, I've been lusting the over that cambon bowler for years. it was the first chanel bag that i fell in love with ... that I could possible afford... being a student and all. It is still out of reach though since it would be an arm and leg to get it... i'll just have to wait for eBay... :sad: