My visit to LV yesterday...

  1. Well, I did it. I ordered the Epi Speedy in mandarin :shame:

    I took a trip into LV yesterday after work, to look at a few bags and shoes :graucho: I looked at the Saleya PM and the Damier Speedy (both 25 and 30). I asked to see the mandarin Epi Speedy, but it wasn't available, so the SA had me look at the black Speedy instead, and gave me a mandarin wallet so I could see the color.

    I asked her about the price increase, she told me that the prices for this store (Orlando) are going up on June 13, and that if I wanted to order the Speedy before the increase, I could go ahead and do that. She also told me that the mandarin is supposedly being discontinued next year.

    What else did I look at... oh, I tried on the Antigua Cabas PM, but it was way too small. Super cute, though! I also looked at the Antigua Plate PM and GM, but they looked kinda plain. I fell in love with the denim shoes, though :heart: I love the thong sandals and the mules.

    If I wasn't so intent on getting the mandarin Speedy, I would have picked up the Damier Speedy 30 or Saleya PM. They are both gorgeous! The Damier Speedy 25 is very cute, too. The SA told me that there is a waiting list, but that they have enough to sell to those who aren't on the list.

    My mandarin Speedy should be here next week, I gave her my information and she's going to call when it comes in! :graucho: I'm excited, let the countdown begin :biggrin:
  2. awesome, congrat's on the new purchase. did you get the 30 or 25?
  3. Congrats! I know you've been wanting this for a long time, and since the color's being discontinued, it's best to get it now. Can't wait to see pics!
  4. Congrats.
  5. Congrats on ordering the mandarin've been talking/considering it for months now! You'll love it! Can't wait to see your pics next week!
  6. congrats cristina!
  7. I got the 25 :smile:

    Thanks guys! :cool: I should have bought it a while ago, but other bags kept coming up :P LV continues to be my favorite, though :heart:
  8. I want to see pics when it comes! Mandarin is such a beautiful color!
  9. Yay Cristina!!! I know you have wanted that bag for ages!:heart: I love the manderin color! I think you made the best decision since a)you've wanted the bag forever b)the color is being discount. c) you beat the price increase! You are such a smart shopper!:cool: There is always time to save up for the damier speedy or saleya--I don't think they are going anywhere.
  10. Congrats Cris!!!:heart: :heart:
    I'll get one soon too:love: !!
  11. Congrats Cristina!!!! I can't wait to see the pics!!!
  12. That Mandarin color is TDF! Congrats!!
  13. Thanks, PGN! :shame: The SA pretty much said the same thing about the Speedy and Saleya. Since they're not going anywhere for a while, I can pick them up later. I just hope my Speedy does't smell like cat pee :lol:
  14. yay! that bag is gorgeous! my mom has it and I'm always looking for opportunities to borrow it!
  15. Please post pics! All you ladies buying the mandarin Epis... you have got me thinking about it!