My visit to LV, new info on new items!!

  1. Hi everyone!

    I stopped by LV today and tried on the new mini lin speedy...and I must say, that I was not that impressed unfortunately. :sad: Although it did look lovely in the display case..the feel and the structure of the bag was not what I expected. The feel of the mini lin is quite soft, and very unstructured not like the mono and damier, and I'm sure that once contents are put in the bag, it will most definitely sag, but of course that can be resolved with a purseket and cardboard :yes: the color was a bit drab for me, but my SA said that sometime in the near future, since this is a permanent line, they will most likey come out with new colors. I would much prefer it in a brighter more lively color. Also the leather tabs and rolled handles are made of a dark brown pebbled leather. but of course, many ladies and gents will fall in love with this new line! This is just my opinion!:shrugs:

    If you all get the chance, take a look at the look book, there are so many new accessories and trinkets coming out this season! Here are a few that I saw, the pics in the book weren't very clear that me and my SA had some trouble identifying exactly what they were...but here is a list of what I saw!:flowers:

    1.just to confirm/reiterate...the pastilles bracelet/chain will be $375 and the smaller pastilles keychain will be $300, they have come in but in very limited store was sold out (my SA didn't even get a chance to see them IRL) but more will be coming in...the browns are scheduled to come in later after the MC

    2.There will also be a pastilles cell phone charm, similar to the inclusion cell phone charm going for $180 in both brown and mc keychain with charms
    -one with sunglasses and camcorder (with a cute rinestone on the camcorder)
    -one with telephone and camera keychain charms
    -one for halloween with a pumpkin and skull i believe (I thought these were a bit strange looking and scarey to be honest!)
    -one for new year/xmas with a glitter ball in either silver or gold (me and my SA couldn't quite make these out, they were a bit hard to see in the pic)

    5.Jewelry holder/roll in the new Mini Mono Satin in multicolor

    6. Flat Clutch/Plate in the mini mono satin in multicolor

    OMGoodies...there was just so much packed in that book that I'm sure I missed more...but if you go to your nearest LV and look at the new will see that there are a plethora of new items coming out! Just thought I'd share with you all!!:flowers:
  2. thanks for the info ;) could you describe how the Holloween pumpkin/skull looks lie? is it leather? are they 3D? i keep imagining them to look like the ones Hermes' done before.
  3. Thank you so much for the info:flowers: . I'll have to see the Mini Lin IRL to be sure:rolleyes:. But I reckon you're right about the sagging:Push:
  4. hi deluxduck, the halloween keychain wasn't made out of leather, they were spherical in shape looked like they were made of some type of metal...just imagine a keychain with an orange globe (pumpkin) and a white globe (skull) hanging off of it...quite strange :shrugs: . but interesting!!!

    oh...and here is a partial picture of the sunglasses camcorder key chain, thanks to PFer scottie!! and a link to the keychain... Louis Vuitton Ltd Edition Sunglasses/Camera Keyring (item 330019323334 end time 27-Aug-06 21:00:00 BST)
  5. Sounds fun :smile:
    The one for Christmas/Winter is actually a snowman's head ;)
  6. And Ah HA! I KNEW there was going to be a pastilles cell charm. I'd seen it in the book but people kept telling me it was just the keychain lol.
  7. thanks rebecca!! :idea: we were actually trying to figure out what the heck that was!!:shrugs:
  8. Thanks for taking the time to post this information.
  9. fun info. thanks!
  10. I want to see what the halloween keychain looks like. My bday is on halloween so I think it would be nice to have an LV halloween charm even if it is a little strange.
  11. I need to go to the store...hhmmm too lazy..
  12. Thanks for the info..
  13. What a sweetie, thanks for the info!

  14. I saw the sunglasses/camera keychain at the SF Union Square store, but I didn't catch the price--it was adorable. Halloween is my favorite holiday (who can resist playing dress up and getting free candy?), so I would love to get the halloween keychain.
  15. Thanks Jamie!!! I made a list as to what I'm gonna take a look at when I go to the boutique on Tuesday... anyone wanna meet me up there? :lol:

    I'm really digging the Camcorder Sunglasses Keychain... :graucho: