My visit to LV & I put my order in for my very first MC piece today!

  1. I wanted to add another bag to my PSN order (PSN being on Wednesday) so I went to LV today to check some bags out. In the morning before the store opened I called my SA and had her put aside for me the black MC Aurelia MM, white MC Trouville, Saleya PM/MM, and white Le Tal (to see the size for my plum Le Tal on layaway).

    Surprisingly, I found the Saleya PM TOO SMALL for my needs :wtf: I never thought that would be the case! So I think an option to my SO Cabas Piano is the Saleya MM...because even the Cabas Piano may be too I want to tote around a notebook with me in my new Damier bag.

    I played around with the Le Tal and while I was trying on the bag this group of ladies kept staring at it. The white is SO HOT!! It fit my amarante FP, mini pochette, LV sunnies case, cell phone and key holder, so that is perfect. My SA and I were also playing with the clochette and keys and the lock for a bit.

    I loved loved loved the white MC Trouville but was scared of colour transfer and I'm not sure about using a brand new bag that's hand held only (since I can't even carry the Trouville on the crook of my arm since the handles are so short) so I passed on that one...

    So...I settled for the black MC Aurelia MM!!! :yahoo:
    When my SA brought it out (it was the only one they had in stock, I think at one time it was on display for a couple of weeks) I was a little disappointed because the vachetta already had a light-medium honey patina and there was a slight wrinkle on the front part front storage ...BUT the colour combination is fabulous!! Tons of pink and purple, and no white LV at the front at all so it looks amazing. My SA offered to have another one transferred to me but I figured it may not have the same colour combo I want, and I mean the bag will develop patina over time (plus if there's a patina to it already it's probably more resistant to stains and I won't have to be as worried about using a brand new vachetta strap bag) and I probably would make a wrinkle in the strap anyway, so I had her put it to my PSN order. I figured that poor little baby has been in storage for long enough, if I don't take her home, then who will?

    So, I'm very very happy. I have the next couple days off...I'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow and I'll be going to PSN at the very beginning to pick up my bags...when I get my PH and my Aurelia I will post pics ASAP!
  2. The black MC Aurelia is gorgeous, karman!! Can't wait to see modeling pics when you get it!! Oh wait --- you're getting a PH, too? Man, you are on a roll! Congratulations!!!!

    Good luck at the dentist tomorrow!
  3. Lol congrats and good luck!!
  4. everything sounds great, congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!, you said the saleya was too small was it the pm or mm?
  5. Congrats karman!! Good luck with your wisdom teeth...been there, done that!
  6. Congrats Karman! Can't wait to see your modelling pics! I was surprised by you saying the saleya was too small :confused1:. You were referring to the PM right? I got the MM and it's all good :tup:

    Oh...I remmebered when I had my 4 wisdom teeth pulled off couple of years ago..:sad: I am sure you will be just fine *hug*
  7. Congrats Karman!
  8. Sorry guys, I edited my post now to say PM to avoid the confusion...LOL...if the Saleya MM is too small...then I must've gone CRAZY!

    Umm...yeahh and I put down my Beverly MM on the counter to play with the other bags, two ladies asked to see my bags and my SA had to tell them politely "Sorry this bag is my client's and unfortunately it's sold out at the moment..." LOVE IT! ;)

    PurseNut: Yes I am getting the PH too!! A lot of my LV's are either handheld or small shoulder bags and I'm in need of larger totes in my collection! There is another incentive too...with my two bags, the total amount allows me to get a $200 gift card to Holt Renfrew at PSN! That is why I am waiting until Wednesday.
  9. congrats on the new bags! Can't wait to see your pictures..

    make sure your dentist gives you prescription painkillers! i just had a wisdom tooth pulled. Not fun!
  10. I can't wait to see your new goodies!
    Good luck at the dentist!
  11. Can't wait to see your new purchases ;) I've been eyeing the MC Aurelia MM for quite some time and I'd love to see your modeling pics...

    Good luck at the dentist!!
  12. black w/tons of pink & purple...sounds yummy!! congrats
  13. Sounds like you had a fun time today. Looking forward to modeling pics after you pick your new bags.

    Good luck at the dentist tomorow.
  14. Super-glad you're getting the Aurelia MM! :yahoo: Can't wait to see modeling pics!

    Is the Ivorie Passy still on your list?

    So I guess you're going to get the $100 gift card with these 2 purchases?
  15. i just got a aurelia MM in black, you will love it! congrats!