My visit to Hermès yesterday...

  1. So yesterday I went to Hermès to write down with my SA my order for a Thalassa blue Birkin...Only I told her that I've changed my mind and I want to focus on a brown Birkin first...I've also changed my mind from Clemence (I already have it in black and I want a lighter leather and a smooth one) so I suggested box or Chevre. I'm already waitlisted for a Kelly in chocolat box pall/H. She opened a showcase and took out a Bolide 1923 (by the way, I love that bag!) Marron Foncè Swift...Well, I was speechless...I had never considered Swift, in fact I didn't like it, but it was smooth like box, matte not shiny, which I like on a Birkin, and above all, sooooo soft like Clemence, since I'm a soft/slouchy leather girl, it was love at first sight...!LOL:yes:

    So I said I wanted a Birkin in that color/leather combo. She fetched the order list of the bags arriving in the autumn, and guess what? there were two 35's in that color/leather, one with pall/H and the other with gold...and.....incredible but true, neither were preordered!!!:graucho: So she immediately put my name on the pall/H one, and said it will arrive any time between August and December....As easy as that!!! :yahoo:

    It's not finished; I told her I would have prefered the brown box Kelly with gold H, so we wrote the order for the manager to take to Paris for a 35 souple chocolate box Kelly gold/H....but she said she will nevertheless leave my name on the one arriving with pall/H, so that I can see it and decide then and there...She is the sweetest SA ever...!! I walked out of Hermès a happy woman...:biggrin:
  2. Wow Duna!! Congrats!! That's the same style as my bolide -- that's wonderful that you're on the list!! Can't wait to see - hope it comes in soon!
  3. I also wanted to tell you what other bags I saw: 2 chevre Plume 28, a Cyclamen and a Raisin, a 31 tan ostrich Bolide and a smaller one in Bleu Roi ostrich (like La Van's ?) the Bolide 1923 ,that I really like, an orange Chevre Trim, a black Swift souple 35 Kelly, a gigantic Paris-Bombay in black box, I noticed three Sac a Depèche like Bee..Bee's, one was a brown/olive color box, another was black box and the other a tan color(not sure if box or chamonix) there were several Garden Parties, and...that's all I can remember for now...:biggrin:
  4. :yahoo: :yahoo: Way to go Duna!!!!! Omg...see how things work out!?!?!?! You'll be getting your fantastic bag in just a few months! As soon as that puppy hits your hands, you HAVE to post pics!!!
  5. Did someone say Chevre Plume 28's? The Raisin one is on my wish list! :love:

    I like the Bolide 1923, too! My favorite thing about it is that it has a chevre interior, unlike the regular Bolide.

    Glad you had fun, Duna!
  6. Duna, it couldn't have happened to a more beautiful person. Congratulations!

    I can't wait to hear what you end up choosing!!!
  7. What's the difference btwn the Bolide and the Bolide 1923?
  8. Do stores always know what bags they're getting in that year? Because whenever I ask my SAs, they always say they don't know what's coming in and that there's no way to find out.
  9. Congrats!!!
  10. Hello fopduck, there are quite a few! I'll compare the Bolide 1923 (as far as I know, there's one size, which is 30cm) and the Bolide 31cm since they're similar in dimensions.

    -the first and most obvious is that the Bolide 1923 has a front pocket
    -Bolide 1923 does not have an oval leather piece on the front between the handles
    -handles on a Bolide 1923 are shorter
    -Bolide 1923 has a double zipper closure and larger zipperpulls the come together so that you can attach the padlock
    -interior of the 1923 is lined in Chevre, whereas the regular sized Bolides are lined in lambskin (exception is the large travel size, which is lined with textile)
    -the 1923 does not come with a shoulder strap and therefore has no metal loop attachments at the base of the handles like the Bolide 31

    There's probably more but this is what I can remember off the top of my head!
  11. Thanks OT! Who needs google when we have you as the residence expert? :yes: Now I am intrigued by the Bolide 1923! Do you know if they are harder to come by then the regular Bolide?
  12. You're too kind, fopduck. Not an expert, just fond of Hermes!

    I haven't seen too many here in the U.S. but when I was in Paris this past Feb., they had one whole case full of them! They're very practical and I like them best in... what else, Chevre!
  13. So between Bolide 31cm and Boilde 1923, which one would you say is better for formal occasions? Also, does Bolide 1923 come in fuchsia ostrich?

    Yes, I'm hopeless.
  14. Fopduck: the Bolide 1923 is a new style of the classic Bolide, it only comes in the 31 size (for now) the shape is the same, the handles are slightly shorter, it has an outside pocket, it doesn't have a sholder strap, the stitching is a bit different...only small variations, but I find it very very pretty...If I find a pic of it I'll post it ...

    Kou: My store (I don't know about the others, since they all seem to have different policies) has each season a list of all the bags they will receive from Paris for the coming season: they don't show it to you unless they know you of course, but apart from this, they do know what's going to arrive, so if you tell them you want, for example, a 35 Birkin in black togo pall/H, the SA will look on this list whether there's one due to arrive or not, or maybe there is one but it has gold/H, or maybe there is one but there's already someone elses name on it...there are endless possibilities....Having said all this, they do say that although they have these lists, it's not always 100% sure that Paris will send exactly the bags stated, there can be some variations that the store doesn't know about....This is what my SA told me...:flowers:
  15. Fopduck.....there was a Bolide 1923 at the SF Hermes store not too long ago! It was either black or ebone, I can't remember. It was lovely!!!!!