My Visit to Hermes Charlotte

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  1. glad it helped! Can't wait to see your new Birkin:yahoo:
  2. Oh can't wait to see your birkin nathansgirl!
  3. OMG Nathansgirl...I can't wait to see the Vert Fonce w/GH Birkin!!
    My Favorite Color!
  4. Anxiously Awaiting pics!
    :party: :whistle: :girlsigh: :wlae: :jammin:
  5. ^^^I'm with KB. I've never seen Vert Fonce.

    Dyin' over here, people!!! The suspense is killing me!
  6. Hope this works

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  7. Oh, it's gorgeous nathansgirl. :love: :love: :love: Congratulations! As I mentioned earlier, Vert Fonce is my #1 choice for my first Birkin. Yours is stunning. Wear it well!!!
  8. OMG!!

    It is incredibly beautiful; congratulations!
  9. Thank you!!!!!:wlae: Here is the pocket square I bought in Charlotte on Saturday.

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  10. ^^ Beautiful...LOVE your Birkin and pocket square...Green :yahoo: !!
    Use them both in the Best of Health and Happiness!
  11. :heart: That's a beautiful birkin, nathansgirl! And I love the pocket square too:heart:
  12. Oh, I looooove that color congrats!!! Love the pocket square too! :love:
  13. Nathansgirl -
    Your birkin is stunning.
    Gorgeous color.
  14. OMG Nathansgirl.. Gorgeous birkin i love the color!!! Congratulations
  15. OH WOW!!! I love it!!