My Visit to Hermes Charlotte

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  1. The PF queen definitely needs a Birkin! Now we need to determine size (30cm or 35cm), leather, and hardware!
  2. don't cry, baglovingmom, if the birkins are doing well at charlotte, perhaps they will get more. :yes:
  3. I called up the Charlotte store the other day but I wasn't having much luck in landing a bag. The SA seemed a bit insulted when she told me to try my luck at my local stores and I told her that I wasn't having much luck there. Then she proceeded to ask me for my name and the location of the store where I shopped ...

    Now I'm paranoid ...:Push:

    Edit to add: Congratulations on your new bag!!!!! It's a perfect addition for the holiday. :smile:
  4. hi kou! wonder why the SA was giving you a hard time about getting a bag. was it cos they don't ship and you have to go to the store to get one in person? also why did she want your name and the local store?

    good luck to you in your quest :biggrin:
  5. I told her I have no problem flying over there to pick the item up, but she said I should try at my local store. But then she proceeded to ask me my name, phone number, and WHERE I shopped. I don't know why she needed to know where I shopped. I asked her if she could ask her manager about what was coming in, and she said she already asked and there wasn't anything they could do.

    I swear I was not rude or pushy or anything like that. Maybe I just give off this "vibe" that tells SA that I don't "deserve" Hermes?:shrugs:
  6. Megs, yes, you DO need a Birkin! Get in the car and drive, girl!
  7. hey kou.

    huh, i still don't know why she was giving you trouble about coming down to charlotte to get a bag. maybe they couldn't hold it for you and she didn't want you to waste a trip over? still, asking for your name and address is kind of unusual.

    and don't be silly! you deserve hermes as much as any of us!!!
  8. :flowers: That's what I (and all my family who have listened to be bitc* all day about how much I deserve a Birkin) hope!! LOL!
  9. Yeah! The Purse Forum Queen :queen: definitely deserves a Birkin :heart: :P
  10. So you must have been the tall guy in the black suit that day because I met the other two guys J and S. And yes, you did tell the lady with me the price of the ostrich.

    Megs, that will be so cool for you to get a birkin. There's so much info right here on the forum to help you as well! :nuts:
  11. awwwww, now my family is hearing me talk about my new bag :smile: they are sick of it ;)

    good luck, i hope that rouge H bag comes your way soon!

    love that "queen" smiley ;)
  12. So today is the day, isn't it? I can't wait to see pics! :popcorn:
  13. It arrived about fifteen minutes ago. I absolutely LOVE it.

    The bad news is that I am wracking my brain on how to get pictures of it online. When my computer crashed last week I had to get it back to factory settings, meaning everything I had added was gone. INcluding the setup for my digital camera. So now I am trying to reload the software and it isn't working. :Push: I think the cd got scratched.

    Anyway, I am going to figure something out!!!
  14. ^try going to your camera's manufacturers website to download the software.
  15. Thanks. I just did. Now I think the ball is finally rolling. I should have pics up within the hour I hope.