My Visit to Hermes Charlotte

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  1. out of the 32 we opened with.... we are down to about 6.
  2. NG & ML ~ Thanks For All The Updates...I Can't Wait To Visit (We Just Got Back From NY).

    NG ~ Congratuations On The Beautiful New Birkin...You Have The Most Beautiful Bags & Magnificent Taste!!!

    ML ~ 6 Birkins Left! Wow!!! That Is So Exciting... I Am So Happy For You & Your Fantastic New Job!!!!

    I Haven't Heard Yet About Kellys...I Will Go Look In For NG's Other Post!
  3. This is torture! I don't need to break (Buy a Birkin) until first quarter 2007, mljones, I know you can't divulge too much but can we expect a good/regular inventory of Birkins in this store?
  4. Honestly I have no idea. I have a good feeling that we are getting a croc birkin next week but that is all I know. And I am not totally 100% on that.
  5. ML: Just want to say thank you! we really appreciate it! :heart:
  6. Thanks for responding! A croc birkin, my DH/PHH would leave, just plain leave LOL! Clearly, I'll be hanging around alot there in '07.
  7. hi mljones! thanks so much for the update. i'm glad to hear the birkins are shifting regularly now :smile: are local people buying it or are out of towners snapping them up?

    i saw a rouge H 35 cm that the other lady bought the first day, and a 30 cm rouge H in the display, sounds like both are gone.

    the first day i believe they had six black 35 cm birkins with varying leathers, i believe they had clemence in gold and in silver, as well as evergrain. the only gold hardware ones were the ones in epsom and clemence, if i recall correctly.

    so we should see more birkins around town! :yes:

  8. Aaaagh a 30 cm rouge H, why am I being punished like this! :hysteric: :crybaby:
  9. we are trying to get as many as we can in the hands of local people. I would say of all the birkins we have sold... umm, maybe 75-80 percent have been locals, or at least have an address here and live here part time.

    You'd be surprised how many people in Charlotte are big Hermes fans. And there are more Birkins in town than a lot of people think. One client of ours came in and bought 2 Birkins to add to her collection of 35 Birkins at home. You don't see them out and about as much as you would in NYC or BH but they are there.
  10. Amazing! :nuts:
  11. mljones, you are so kind to keep us informed and's like we are all there too! Congrats on the sale of so many Birkins.... I hope many tpf boardies are able to come by to see you and buy lots of beautiful new Hermes.

  12. Really? So you were in the store when I was there? Hmm did we meet?
  13. Yep, I was there. I don't think we met, but I think I told the lady that was with you the price of the osterich birkin we had.
  14. thanks for the update, mljones :smile: that's awesome, 35 birkins at home! there are definitely hermes fans in town then. hope to see more hermes bags out and about. what's the point of having 37 birkins if you don't use them? ;) :biggrin:
  15. Nathansgirl- so you prob saw Mljones!! What a small world!!

    Being the Purse Forum queen, it would only be fitting that I finally get the holy grail of handbags- a Birkin! But I need to start looking into it more- what exactly I want, and of course, with all of your help, hopefully I will find the bag of my dreams (to start a new addiction of course :amuse:)