My Visit to Hermes Charlotte

Apr 12, 2006
Well I finally made my way to the new store. I must admit I was extremely excited.

I took my fuschia ostrich birkin with me of course when I went. As I approached, the first thing I saw was the huge orange birkin in the window. It was gorgeous! When I went in I was even more pleased at the selection. They had quite a few birkins on display and a few more in back. The biggest attention getter of course was the orange ostrich birkin. There were numerous people in the store and it appears that most of the were really new to Hermes itself. So quite a few were shocked at the prices.

At any rate, the first SA I came to was a male. He was absolutely wonderful...very helpful and quite willing to let me look at anything I wanted to see. So far so good.

Then I went over to the scarves. And as was the case with my trip to the Madison Ave store, I had a bit of an unpleasant experience with the SA's in the scarf section(what is it about scarves that makes these SA's so unwilling to help people???). Anyway, the SA wasn't helpful at all at first...until she came around the counter and saw my birkin which was at my side. Her entire demanor changed in a split second and suddenly she and the other scarf SA were as helpful as could be. They asked me a million questions about my birkin and were just in awe, asking if I wanted to look at the orange ostrich birkin and did I need accessories to go with my fuschia ostrich. One of them made a comment that the Charlotte store had far more inventory than the Atlanta store so they had a heads up on Atlanta in that respect. Throughout all of this I finally selected a lovely pocket square to go with the new birkin I will be receiving on Wednesday morning which will be vert fonce with gold hardware in fjord.

So that was my day. Overall I was impressed with the inventory in the store, but I suspect they are going to have a hard time selling their bags, especially the birkins. Believe it or not. This was the first time I have ever been in an Hermes where birkins were so plentiful with as many people milling about as there were in the store today.



Mar 25, 2006
Thanks for reporting back on H Charlotte. It must be a eye opener to see so many Birkins under one roof!

This is not the first time I have heard stories of SAs behaving better with customers with exotic skin Birkins!

CONGRATULATIONS on your new Fjord Birkin! Would love to see photos.
Dec 6, 2005
Thanks NG! Congrats on your new purchases! So frustrated that I haven't been yet, I've been in Charlotte now for almost three years, and have only seen one Birkin, owned by a friend. When I first met her and commented on her bag (that she just flung in her backseat!) she told me that NOONE ever commented on her bag. There's a plenty of money here so lots of people can afford Hermes, I too question whether many will actually buy it though. I'm so excited to have the store here though!
Apr 12, 2006
YES! New bag and that will be stunning. Can't wait to see.

Are you still getting a turquoise bag?

Also, why do you feel the birkins and or the bags will not be easy to move in Charlotte...just curious?

Yes, I am still getting the turquoise bag. My SA said Thursday that they really hope it will be here by spring.

I think the bags will be rather slow in selling at the outset compared to other stores because of the conservative nature of the people. Several of the people today were appalled at the prices. Also, many people around NC are not really aware of Hermes. The ones who are already have established relationships elsewhere. I read an article that said the reason Hermes chose NC was because when they looked at the states with the most online sales for the Hermes website, NC was in the top five. However, I think that was mainly because people were buying scarves and things of that nature. Bags are an entirely different story. If that makes sense. JMO:shame:


Oct 6, 2006
hi nathansgirl!

so glad you finally made it down to hermes charlotte! i totally agree with you about the birkins/hermes charlotte. i think it will take a while for the birkins to move from there, just cos, like you said, a lot of people are just freaked about the prices. and i also think that the scarves/ties are more top sellers in the charlotte areas versus the bags. i've been in the area for a few months now and i've only seen one birkin since i've been there (but tons of LV, burberry, chanel, gucci). i think it will take some time for charlotte folks to warm to the bags, but there is definitely some moneyed people in the area! charlotte does tend to be more conservative on the whole, i think.

i'm pretty sure the majority of the population there wouldn't really recognize a birkin. whereas i'm visiting up here in short hills, nj and i've seen about three or so at the local mall.

anyhoo, thanks for reporting on your experience! i wonder how many more birkins they've sold since opening?