My visit to Coach and new goodies (Elisa, Felicia, CamelLily, Scribble, & Tattersall)

  1. Hi everyone-

    If anyone wants to hear about my shi:censor:ty day, read here

    I needed some serious retail therapy, but settled for a preview on the new stuff with one small purchase.

    First, I returned a Black Felicia (since the BF is currently sharing her's with me) and the Tattersall stick umbrella. I just decided that for $150, I could waste it on something else AND I still have the small one.

    Second, I exchanged my Black medium Lily for the Camel one. [Now some of you may be saying "but didn't you already have one?". I did, but in an effort to CUT down on my spending I returned the Camel one last week and then after seeing her in a store with a particular scarf (shown in pic) decided I had to have her back!!!]

    Third, I bought the new perfume print (better known as SCRIBBLE) tennis shoes. They are TDF.

    Last, I looked through the new stuff and decided what I would be getting for PCE.

    1)Scribble bracelet seen on page 43 of new catalog.
    2) Scribble wristlet (41428)
    3) Tattersall satchel (12222)
    4) Pink pleated Ergo Patent Leather Satchel (it has Tattersall lining!!!!) (12520)
  2. your new shoes are adorable!!! whats the style # on those?? they are a new release rite?
  3. Yes, they actually came out today.

    Style q322 or 128754

    I never know which number to look at.
  4. oh YEAH

    AND I was able to order that Heart Luggage Tag yesterday and she will be here later this week.

  5. they are soo cute. I want them the colors are very pretty! how much where they??
  6. any pictures of your new Pink pleated Ergo Patent Leather Satchel (it has Tattersall lining!!!!) (12520) ? I wonder what it looks like
  7. Shoes were $88

    I haven't ordered the pink bag yet (isn't released till next week or end of month??) but I didn't SEE the pink yet. MY SA just said it was TDF and I totally trust her :smile:
  8. So adorable! Congrats

  9. are the shoes pretty comfortable?
  10. I already own several pairs of this shoe (different prints) and I love them. I actually got a 7.5 instead of an 8 (can't remember what my Tattersall ones are) but I always wear my sisters and they are great.

  11. what kind of material are they like a canvas?? they kind of look shiny but I dont know.. hopefully they are easy to clean.. I want to go try these on now they are sooo cute:heart:
  12. canvas
  13. Love the shoes, the scribble bracelet is also on my wish list.
  14. Great items, I am so jealous but so happy for you.:okay:
    Do the shoes run true to size or do they run big?
    I want to order those, they are so cute. I love wearing jeans and those are so adorable, I am sure my feet would look alot better with those on them.:graucho:

    Thank you for shareing
  15. I absolutely cannot WAIT to see pictures of the pink patent Ergo. Seriously, your bag collection is gorgeous as it is, that's going to tip me over the edge of green with envy. ;) I'm glad you had a semi-happy ending to your bad day AND got some retail therapy to boot.