My Visa card is smoking....

  1. Did some serious depression shopping today. Walked into Coach and bought some colorful stuff from the Legacy collection. Love them! All the pieces go with all my bags. Highly recommend.


    scarf, legacy stripe bracelet, gold logo bracelet, mini coin purse, makeup bag and wristlet.
    not looking forward to the Visa bill!
  2. It's all beautiful. Enjoy! Did you see the legacy satchel there? I'm considering the black signature instead of the black leather. If you saw them...what did you think?
  3. yes I did. I almost bought the black leather one but even the small size was too heavy. it was the same reason the daphne didn't last with me. I loved the madison striped flap and the folded wristlet but both were out of stock!
  4. Lovely - I use that big makeup bag as a jewelry bag for my coach bracelets!
  5. I love the scarf!!!
  6. Hey bagnshoo! They are adorable very bright and cheery. I hope you are O.K. and this made your day a little happier for you. PM me if you ever feel like venting!
  7. :nuts: I love, love, LOVE the scarf! Beautiful accessories, all of them. Congratulations!
  8. Love all those stripes!! CONGRATS :biggrin:
  9. gorgeous!!!
    (SEE, elongreach and aarti, my depression shopping is okay!)
  10. Gorgeous stuff! I just got that same wristlet.
  11. beautiful!

    i picked up the silver version of your gold bracelet today. would've gotten gold but someone told me i'm more silver :Push:

    i see you went a bit stripe crazy. lol. my favorite is that scarf you have; it's absolutely gorgeous!

    thanks for sharing. :smile:
  12. Retail therapy, while tough on the credit cards, can be extremely effective! I've been known to indulge at times, too!
  13. SMOKING HOT you mean!!
  14. LOL. When you get your papers done, affairs in order, a job then I will be rooting for you. (as you can tell I like to live vicariously though people's purchases).

    But what you said before came true..I'm missing the zoe!!...
  15. Hm...might need that scarf...your purchases are HOT!