My VIOLETTE Cannage ... I love this color!!!

  1. Hi Ladies and Gents ... just wanted to share one of my Christmas presents from hubby:heart: last year. I absolutely love this color ... so yummy! The tag says "Nylon Cannage Violette". I know it comes in the fuchsia nylon as well and different color leather but since purple:love: is my favorite color ... I'm glad hubby got this one! Thanks for letting me share my excitement!
    DiorCan1.jpg DiorCan2.jpg DiorCan3.jpg DiorCan4.jpg DiorCan5.jpg
  2. congrats I love the color!!!
  3. my heart is going to explode with all that violet around me ! gorgeous!!!:love::drool::love:
  4. Wow what a beautiful electric violet color!!!
  5. Violet is so in this season, what a great bag and so comfortable on the shoulder :biggrin:
  6. That is SO beautiful - congratulations!

    I too would love to have a purple bag (or 7 ...) :girlsigh: Guess I can always keep my fingers crossed purple will go out of fashion next season, then I can buy all the leftovers :graucho:

  7. calling your husband LOL !
  8. NO! :wtf: Have mercy - please ... :crybaby:
    I'm planning on breaking it to him gently (and perhaps sneak them in the back door ... if I only had one)
  9. Thank you LAMissy, nataliam1976 and averagejoe!
  10. ^^^ Thank you ... I just looove violet/purple, anything in that family of color, my favorite!

    ^^^ Thank you, {crossing fingers for you}, but seriously there a lot of purple bags out there that won't cost you an arm or a leg ... LOL!
  11. ^^^ LOL! You're cute ... and sneaky!:graucho:

  12. ahh you sound just like me!! My man only thinks i got 4 Dior bags :lol:

    I have to sneak my other Diors in the wardrobe and break it to him gently!!! :sweatdrop:
  13. I wont call him if you lend me your violet Dior from time to time ! Ha ! :supacool::angel:
  14. Such a vibrant color and I love the red lining. What a great DH!
  15. I'm so jealous you got the nylon cannage! The color is stunning, you're husband has great taste. Congrats!