My Violet Weekender

  1. I just got her today. I had expected her for so long!!!:nuts:
    Now she is here. I am kinda confused... Whenever I carry it, I feel like I am running away from home. :confused1:

    Could you guys take a look and give me some comments?
    Should I exchange it for a smaller one. I am 5'7, I thought it's gonna work on me.:wtf:
    This is my first Balenciaga actually. I have never been a big fan of City. So when I longing for something big and can be carried on my shoulder, I have this Violet voyage.
    ML照片 006.jpg ML照片 007.jpg DSCN0775.jpg DSCN0776.jpg
  2. Well first let me congratulate you on your first Bbag! The color and the leather are TDF! As far as if it's too big for you depends on how you feel carrying it, and of course if you like how it looks on you. I personally don't prefer the large bags for everyday use, because I feel like I am carrying luggage instead of a handbag. In fact I just got a Work style, and I don't think I'm going to use it for anything but traveling. I have a Make Up that I will use as a clutch, some First's I use on light load days, or evenings out, some Box styles for a medium bag, and then my City's are really as large as I will need to go. There are many gals who like this super big bags though, but if you do decide it's not going to work out for you, and the City will be too small for you, go with the Work it really is a good amount larger than the City.
  3. personally, i wouldn't use anything bigger than a work for everyday.. even then, i still feel it's pretty big on me and i'm 5'9! there are quite a few nice sizes between the city and the weekender -- work, part time, the new rtt. hopefully you'll find one to fit your needs!

    but if you love this bag, i say go ahead and keep it and be proud when you wear it out!
  4. Wow your bag is just gorgeous!!

    I do think it suits you, but it's totally up to you. Maybe you should try the Work?
  5. It looks great on you and is so beautiful! I have a work and I am 5'8" -- it does seem large. I really love it though! But when I have tried a WE, it has seemed less big than I expected. Your pics don't look weird or too large, but it depends on your style! I love the pics (like MK) of the WE being carried with very little so it is not filled up and the leather gets all slouchy anf yummy. This can be a cool look and at the same time a great bag when you need to carry something big. Anyway, good luck in your decision. One thought, is there even a Violet rh work anywhere to buy?
    Congrats, it is a gorgeous bag!!!
  6. I think its a fantastic colour on yr black outfit. I feel that the size is a little overwhelming for your height...If you need a bigger bag, can try the Work?
  7. Hi, Congrats on your new bag. The color is really gorgy. I do agreed with others, if Weekender is too big for you and you like big bag, try Work.
  8. Congrats!
  9. Congrats!!!!!!:yahoo:

    I think it looks fantastic on you, and it's definitely not too big. Remember, when it's broken in, the both corners slouch and it looks much, much smaller than it does new.

    I have an Eggplant WE and although adore the bag:tender:, I never use it on a daily basis since I'm only 5'3", 98lbs. But since you're much taller than I am, you can definitely pull it off!:tup:
  10. I received my new eggplant WE and i think it may seem big to you as it hasnt softened and slouched, my 04 WE is all slouchy so it seems less big! Im only 5'4'' and i love mine so much so i bought an AG which should be here next week!
  11. wow, gorgeous, congrats!! :biggrin:
  12. Yummy. Loves it!
  13. hmmm... how about giving the work a try? but I actually dont think it looks too big on you considering you are tall...
  14. I think the work looks fabulous on you!
  15. Sorry.. I meant the Weekender... but a Work would be a great choice too... or a City or Brief... ;)