my VIOLET GIANT RTT and other bbags!!

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  1. im kind of new to the forum but HI EVERYONE [= so after seeing some GORGEOUS bags here i finally decided to register for purseforum cause everyone here seems great :rolleyes: and here i am!

    so after a week of LONG waiting[couldn't sleep and having problem concentrating...], my violet giant rtt's finally here! here're some pictures and along with my broke-in black city and vermillion twiggy [=

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  2. and ofcourse, on me. and what i usually carry in bbags [=
    first time posting a new thread, i hope this works...:sweatdrop:

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  3. AWESOME collection! I love the RTT! It looks great, congrats on finally getting it. Isn't it awful when you're waiting? I can't concentrate on anything when I'm waiting for something in the mail.

    Welcome to the Purse Forum, watch your bank account grow smaller and smaller! :tup: The girls (and guys) here are wonderful!

    PS - where did you get that ipod holder that looks like the map of the NYC subway system? It's tres adorable!
  4. I love that Violet RTT! You look so good with it!
  5. Aww.. it looks super cute on you !
  6. amiekbs8
    its actually a tokyo metro map and i made it myself, i can make it into either a nano size or ipod vedio size. i'll make one for you if you want! but then i live in toronto, meaning you'll be waiting for it in the mail again!

    pinkiestarlet & ayla
    THANKS! you guys are TOO sweet! im sure you guys look awesome in your collection as well [=
  7. I just love your violet! Isn't is such a wonderful color? It looks so good on you, as well. It's fun looking at all the goodies in your handbag. My best friend lives in San Fran and sends me Japanese handbag magazines. I can only read hiragana :shame:, so I just get to admire the photos. I'm somewhat new here, too, but just wanted to "Welcome" you and your photos turned out great!
  8. Congrats! I love the RTT and it looks great on you!!!
    Welcome, so... what's next on your bbag list??:graucho:
  9. simona7:
    im thinking of the 08 electric blue:wlae::wlae:, absolutely cant wait! :Push:

    thanks! you're so sweet! so we're both new here! i ADORE that bag in your profile picture!
  10. very nice! i love the deep rich shade on the far right. i haven't found out what RTT denotes... congrats!
  11. Wow, love your bags! The RTT looks great . How old is your Black City? How has the color held up, any color fading to green?
    Welcome to a great new addiction- BBags and TPF!
  12. So welcome here, but pay attention you'll be soon an addicted staying here :heart:
    Congrats for your new baby (love violet) and great collection!
  13. Sorry if this is an obvious question, please pardon this :confused1: newbie...but what is RTT? I LOVE this violet RTT and this is the first time I've come across this style! Looks like something I'd want when I'm travelling :yes:

    Can someone direct me to where I can find more information about RTT's? I don't see it in Style reference :confused1: Thanks in advance :smile:
  14. wow you look great! thanks for sharing!
  15. Very nice collection, starrie! Oh how I love the violet!!!!!