My Violet Giant RTT.....and Boy Is She GIANT!!


Which one should I keep?

  1. Violet Brief

  2. Violet Giant RTT

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I received my Giant RTT in the mail today and wanted to post pictures. I got the Violet Brief too and can't decide which to keep. Please give me your opinion. And I'll post Giant RTT modeling pictures tomorrow I promise!!! :tup:

    Here is the front of the Brief.


    Here is the back of the Brief.


    Here is the Giant RTT


    Here is the side of the Giant RTT. See how it is kinda wide. I'm not sure it looks right when you wear it.


    Here are pictures of the Brief and the Giant RTT side by side. My Basset Hound Elvis wanted to be in the picture I obliged.


    The comparison pictures don't do it justice. The Giant RTT is MUCH bigger. I could easily fit two stuffed citys into it. :wtf:
  2. Wow, both of them look beautiful! I'll wait for your modeling pics.
  3. Hi! I just received my Violet Brief today also from Aloha Rag...And its large looking but at least it lays flat when on your shoulder...This is the first time I've seen the RTT...I am so glad you posted it b/c I've been wondering what it looked like.
    As far as which one you should to keep...The RTT does look very large so I guess it would depend on whether you feel comfortable with the way it looks on you...They are both very pretty...:yes:
  4. AwWw Elvis is to:huh: cute, Both very nice bags... so hard to choose.. can't wait to see modeling pics~! Congrats!
  5. :drool::yes::drool::yes:

  6. How cute is Elvis! I love Bassetts! I voted for the Brief because I know I like the shape and size. The RTT just seems too big to carry around all the time.
  7. Have you ever worn any big bags in the past - would you realistically use it a lot? Have you got a Weekender that you've used a lot? If not, I would stick w/the brief.
  8. Wow!! Both bags are gorgeous! I totally agree with fiatflux about this. Seeing incoral's pictures of his giant RTT and the comparisons with the other styles, the RTT is comparable to the weekender at least. If you see yourself using it beyond travel, etc then I'd go for it. But if it were me, I'd keep the brief because I'd find it more practical. In a perfect world, I'd keep both! Good luck with what you decide... they're both beautiful!
  9. Keep the brief!
  10. Brief.. RTT is too BIG!! LVoe the DOG the most.. :smile:
  11. I would probably go with the Brief....You have a really lovely taste, girlie...
  12. In the comparison shot they look like mom & daughter! :p Personally, I would keep the brief but depends on what your needs are. I think fiatflux said it best - would you use this big of a bag often?
    Oh.. and Elvis is a cutie! :kiss:
    Which one did he like?
  14. Both are gorgeous......cannot tell the difference besides the size is slightly bigger for Giant RTT...will wait till you post modeling pics before i make my comments.

    But if for me, i will keep the Brief style~
  15. I would love the Brief more. I've one & love the size. Oh my, your dog is really handsome! Wanna give him a big hug! :p