My Violet Cruise 2008 Wallet!!!!

  1. Hi, today is my birthday and Guess what I bought!!! A violet Cruise Nappa leather wallet & also a LV violette bellevue PM (which I posted in LV forum)... :yahoo:i love the wallet for being soooo soft and yummy and it has ample space for all my cards:wlae:I just can't wait to use it...:yes:
    DSC00862.JPG DSC00863.JPG DSC00864.JPG DSC00865.JPG DSC00866.JPG
  2. Oh Yummy!!!! Love that color!!! The leather looks so soft..Congrats!!!!!
  3. nice color!
  4. I saw your gorgeous new LV bag and this will go perfect with it!
    I'm not too familar with this line - may I ask how much a wallet like this is?
    The LV wallet I'm looking at is 604.00 :O
  5. Hi Lady Chinadoll, tks! My Miu wallet is retailing SG$500. What currency is yours?
  6. Congrats!! Happy Birthday To you!!!1
  7. Happy birthday. Beautiful wallet. I just love purple.
  8. I absolutely love this color! :love: Happy Birthday!
  9. Thanks for the great info HandbagAngel. I can't believe people actually behave this way, how sad.

    Beautiful wallet teddyraph! I'm thinking I would like one just like that. Great size:smile: Enjoy in good health!
  10. Great Color.
  11. i love the color, congrats!