My Vinyl cabas is finally here!! yeah!

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  1. After the long wait, my new love, vinyl coco cabas is finally arrived! the bag is much lighter than what i expected.

    I am planning to use it to work tomorrow.

    I took some pics for myself with coco cabas, ( pls excuse the ugly top! just finished work)

    I am truely in love with chanel bags!
    DSC00317.JPG DSC00321.JPG
  2. looks fab! congrats!! i still have yet to see one IRL!!
  3. One day I am going to own a Cabas! It looks fabulous on you!!! :heart:
  4. this is a large size, I found it looks a bit too big on me. I am5'4"
  5. :yahoo: congrats, ChloeSS your new CHANEL looks fab on ya!
  6. I love this bag!!!!!!!!!! Looks great on you
  7. It looks great on you! Is it empty in the 2nd picture or do you have stuffing/belongings in it? I'm getting mine in Feb, can't wait :biggrin:
  8. it it was empty in the 2nd pic.

    Cicciolina, is your one vinyl or leather?
  9. Mine's vinyl :biggrin: It looks great, I love oversized things. I saw one woman using it while shopping and it looked quite slouchy, maybe she had put quite a lot of things in it. How much can you put in it - I mean, I know it's roomy :p but can it withstand a lot of weight?
  10. Congrats! ChloeSS. Looks stunning on you. I see you are located in HK, how did you mange to find this bag? While I was in HK the SA told me it was sold out.
  11. congrats, beautiful!!!Lots of new stuff to put into your new bag.;)
  12. It looks so cute on you! CONGRATS!
  13. It looks great on you! Congrats!
  14. looks great! congrats!
  15. Looks great!!! Congrats~ Where did you get this? I want one too....