My Vintage Purchase!

  1. OK, ladies, here is my new/vintage tote I just got today. I love vintage Gucci more than newer models, personal perference of course! So, what do you guys think? I'm a tad bit worried about authenticity, but it's in such great shape along with a serial number that I'm torn a little. Any input would be much appreciated!
    Gucci-1 (Small).jpg Gucci-2 (Small).jpg Gucci-3 (Small).jpg Gucci-4 (Small).jpg Gucci-5 (Small).jpg Gucci-6 (Small).jpg Gucci-7 (Small).jpg
  2. BeautifuL!!! awesome condition!!
  3. oh, pretty, i LOVE gucci vintage bags! :love:
  4. It's beautiful! Sorry but I'm not an expert so can't help with regards to the authenticity issue...
  5. so cute! i really like vintage gucci clutches too!
  6. beautiful bag!!! It looks very classy. Congrats!
  7. Im sorry...but I believe this Gucci is fake. The lining is all wrong for a vintage purse.
  8. It looks good to me. I have a vintage Gucci that has two pockets. The big one has the traditional peeling off-leather and the other one has a fabric lining like this one.
  9. I agree, this is a nice design; however, I must say that I believe it's fake. If you look at the last two pictures and pay close attention to the GG logo, they do not line up at the seams and the front where the webbing and brass GG is.
  10. Congrats.
  11. I hope it is authentic! if so, :yahoo: I'm excited for you!
  12. Goooorgeous ... congrats :smile:
  13. it's beautiful.
  14. It looks really nice but I'm not an expert so I can't say for sure if it's real or not. I hope so.

  15. Very nice!