My Vintage Leather Ergo Hobo is HERE!!

  1. And it's BEAUTIFUL (THANK YOU rethreads)!!!! It's so soft and yummy and it holds SO MUCH!! I love it so much, everyone needs to have one! DO IT NOW! Go get one! Do not question me, woman!!:tup:
    ergo1.jpg ergo2.jpg ergo3.jpg ergo4.jpg
  2. It looks amazing on you!!!! Such a gorgeous bag!
  3. Looks great on you! :tup: I love big bags. :heart: I'm still having the hobo vs. carly debate. :girlsigh:
  4. That last sentence made me LOL!

    Candy, that is GORGEOUS!

    It's growing on me, I tell ya!:drool:

    Congrats on such a lovely bag! You wear it well!:tup:
  5. Gorgeous! And so is the bag. :biggrin:
  6. Candy, I am so happy for you that you finally got your Ergo Vintage Hobo. The Vintage leather is the best! You look great modeling that bag and I love the way you accessorized it with the flower key fob. You go girl!
    Congrats! I am carrying mine tomorrow!
  7. Thanks girls! For reference I'm 5'6 and abbouuuut 130ish. ;) It's big but not BIGGGG.
  8. Congrats -- the vintage leather is beautiful and it looks great on you!
  9. Very pretty-the color looks so rich. Congrats-
  10. OH NO!! I feel a severe case of MUST POSSESS! coming on!! :girlsigh: It looks gorgeous on you!
  11. Shes a beaut!:drool:
  12. :tup:YAY! Go hobo! I have the turquoise and have been enjoying using it every day. It's getting softer and slouchier too. A definite fave.
  13. Congratulations! Great looking bag, very sophisticated! Great on the body. I tell you, seeing this on someone defies the 19" wide measurement!
  14. :drool:


  15. Candy,

    Congrats! Don't you just love it? I LOVE carrying this bag--the leather is so rich and light, and the charm looks adorable on your bag! Yippee! What an amazing choice!