my vintage kelly =D

  1. hi,

    i'd like to share my first vintage hermes piece....a vintage kelly. she's 50 years old, brown box, brass hardware, kelly 32, retourne.

    since this kelly didn't come with a shoulder strap, one has been ordered from hermes. the bag has the clochette, but at the moment it's with hermes in order to make a matching shoulder strap.

    in this thread, i'd also like to say a big thank you to loren for enabling me to acquire this vintage kelly:flowers:.
  2. I love it!!!

  3. Sooooooooo pretty!!! Congrats!!!
  4. Beautiful Maria, just beautiful!
  5. That is really lovely!
  6. WOW! Lovely!
  7. Dear Maria, beautiful bag!

    And it came from a lovely lovely tpf'er. You are in good hands!
  8. Love that!! Congrats!
  9. Beautiful bag!!!! Fantastic patina!!! I love it!!
  10. Beautiful and what a patina! Wear her with happiness!
  11. wow, what perfect patina :nuts:
  12. Just beautiful! I can't believe how beautiful it is after 50 years of use. Wear it in good health~
  13. As an addict of vintage H bags, I say well done!
    Its gorgeous, Imagine what stories that little bag could tell, where it has travelled , what it has seen, people it has met,

    I also really think the quality of the stiching is superior to todays,

    Pls post pics when the strap arrives,
    enjoy lucky lady

  14. Gorgeous !!! congratulations :smile:
  15. Oh what a stunning bag!!! I LOVE vintage Kelly bags too!! Wow, is she 50 exactly? Mine is 48. I love the box leather! Congrats on such a gorgeous find!