My Vintage Jumbo Is Here But Looks Different...

  1. My Vintage Jumbo Lambskin is here come it looks different than other TFPer's Chako's Vintage Jumbo? I noticed that most of the lambskin jumbos have this poofy deflated lambskin look while my lambskin jumbo's leather look rather..flat, in general. What's wrong with my bag?
    chaneljumb2.jpg chaneljumbo.jpg
  2. hi kuriso - has the bag already been authenticated in the Authenticate This thread?
  3. yes =) it is authentic..i bought it on eBay and the seller posted it as caviar but members here told me it was lambskin..i just got the bag today and it looks beautiful except it does not look like caviar or lambskin to bag does not have the deflated lambskin leather look...strange
  4. The leather on the vintage Jumbo's is much more sturdier and durable than on today's Jumbo's for instance.
    I've bumped my XL Jumbo several times and let it fall at one time, not one scratch. It can take a lot.
  5. Thank you for letting me know, Nathalie!
  6. Kuriso - I have 4 or 5 older jumbo flaps (honest!) and a few of them are deflated and the others are not. I think over time quilting deflates - how quickly may have to do how well taken care of the bag is.

    I prefer the deflated lambskin to the puffy. those bags don't seem as fragile.
  7. I agree on this kuriso. I used to have the XL Jumbo and I have the same leather as Nath's. If it's an XL Jumbo you're talking about, there's nothing to worry about. :biggrin:
  8. it's beautiful! although it looks like lambskin to me :p
  9. I think the bag looks great...I hope I will have a vintage bag one day....