My Vintage Gucci's

  1. Hi ladies! I usually post in the LV forum, but I was cleaning my closet and came across my vintage Gucci's.
    And I mean Vintage, early 80's!
    gucci1.jpg gucci4.jpg gucci2.jpg gucci3.jpg
  2. oo very nice =]
  3. I have the same bucket style in all black from the early 80's. I remember when Gucci bags were $150.00!:lol:
  4. LOL! Yeah, me too! My bucket is totally ragged....guess I used it too much :graucho:
  5. wow, those are nice! my mom has the doctor's bag same as yours :smile:
  6. Love the white doctor bag- it is on my need to get after ban list!
  7. I love them. Gucci was my first designer bag love. I still have about 5
    vintage Gucci bags which I will never get rid of. Thanks for posting yours.
  8. I used to have a dr bag in high school! My first taste of designer bags. I carried it so much it finally did die.
  9. i love vintage gucci. :heart: