my vintage gucci from my grandma

  1. I went to visit my Grandma a few weeks ago to find that she has the freshest bag collection!!!! She saw my eyes get big when I saw this cute gucci bag she had... so she let me take it!
    She bought it 25 years ago for $200 at a department store called Imagnum and it's in mint condition. Crazy... she even kept the receipt in the inside pocket.
    I love it and just wanted to share... It's inspiring!
    vintage gucci 2.JPG
  2. I had one just like that one, only smaller!! I think it also came from I. Magnin! I used to love that store!!!
  3. Gorgeous!!!!
  4. your grandma Rocks!! that is a great piece! congrats:biggrin:
  5. i have the hand luggage in that is from the 80s
  6. That's so cool!
  7. I love that bag. Like the style. It's so classic.
  8. omg! i think my mom has the exact same one that my dad purchased for her in the 80's!
  9. You are soooooo lucky! I always wanted a vintage Gucci. Congrats!
  10. I love it! Grandma has exquisite taste!
  11. That is gorgeous!
  12. wow that bag is in mint condition too!! lucky lucky and what a cool grandma.
  13. SO adorable! I LOVE it! Very special bag!
  14. I am so envious right now! That's crazy. Your g-ma is fly!
  15. a girl in one of my classes came in carrying that exact bag too! i thought she was you but then i read your location.
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