My vintage... FRENCH CO. SPEEDY 35!

  1. :woohoo:Look what I scored last week! :graucho: I love it to bits and pieces! :wlae: Whooooopie!
  2. Woooo, great score!! :nuts:
  3. :woohoo:
  4. It is in absolutely MINT/BRAND NEW condition! Is there any way to check which year it was produced?
  5. Congratulations.
  6. Omg its beautiful! I absolutely love it. Which speedy is nex to up there? the 30??
  7. Its in GREAT shape!! Great find!!!
  8. Congrats! It's such a beauty and speedies are for keeps!
  9. congrats!! gorgeous
  10. Congrats! I'm loving the patina!
  11. Wow, that is in gorgeous condition! Great find!
  12. soo beautiful!!!
    very cute speedies family LOL
    love the vintage one with an even hoeny patina :drool:


  13. looks beautiful!! Looks like it was well cared for...
  14. Ooooh rare !

    And the French Co speedies are actually treated, so no need to worry about dirt on vachetta.
  15. Congrats!