My vintage destroyed birkin

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  1. Hi guys!

    I bought a birkin from a guy who's parent's are divorcing. It's a really OLD birkin, scuffed and worn out, but I like it, I'll put some better pic's up tomorrow but now it's taken with my cell phone,

    The inside is leather, but at one side, it's so destroyed that it feels/looks like cotton or something :smile: also the zipper, it's typical shape is the same , but different hardware (verry old I guess) also no date code
    but the lock has a code: 212 can I buy a new lock or keys? because the keys are missing and I can't close the bag now...

    I really like this no-need-to-baby birkin

    Do you guys now wich leather this is? It looks like courchevel or somthing, very sturdy
  2. okay 21 views and no one replies :sad: any experts?
  3. I looked at the pics but they were not very clear. I couldn't tell much at all about the bag. Sorry.
  4. I will PM you.
  5. okay I'm going to see if it's real first. But it's strange, everytime when I post, nobody reply's! What's up with that? I post my new evelyne toile/barenia, bought at the brussels store, end there are some respons's, I buy a second hand used birkin (hopefully authentic cuz I paid 500 euros for it - the seller whom I met with today says it's authentic from his mom that is divorced, he also had an authentic lv hard case so I guessed the hermes would be real too - really used, the way I want one! but I'm afraid it's too good to be true) and you guys ignore me :sad:
  6. Hi Crapule. I will pm you.
  7. It's not that crapule. First, the pictures were very blurry, so some people may be reluctant to respond. Second, some people may be reluctant to question authenticity of your bag for fear of offending you. That's happened on here, believe me.
  8. Hi crapule...I don't think people are intentionally ignoring you, but I think it's hard to know what to say. You posted about the bag before you bought it and got advice against buying it, but you went ahead anyway. I think everyone would like to help but the photos are really too blurry to be able to tell much about the bag. No one wants to say anything negative if it's avoidable, and that may be part of the reason for so few responses. Many here have adopted a policy of "if you can't say anything nice, then..."
    As for the seller's claim that it is authentic, we've seen a lot of that before so the truth lies in the bag's details, that is the only way to know for sure if it is authentic or not...
    Good luck, I wish I had more to offer in terms of advice...
  9. It's common here that when we think something posted is questionable, we prefer to us a PM to contact the poster privately. This is done out of consideration and not because we're ignoring you.
  10. ^^ Shopmomma! You always know EXACTLY what to say. xoxoxo
  11. Hi guys! It's really not offending to me tough! It's just an answer to the question you know... You guys can't believe how depressed I am right now, I've better trown my money out of the window... Pff I just want a very used birkin, like my FAKE :sad:, that I can use and don't need to baby it, leave it on the ground, etc...
    My new Evelyne I bought last week (at the brussels shop, so no worries for me for authenticity :smile:) is healing but still quite depressed.....................

    It's just that the bag looks real you know? the leather interior (real leather_used but real) and the sitches,

    I know , I should have follewed the advise but that's something I will never learn I guess.
  12. I am really sorry to hear this, it's so hard buying from eBay.
  13. CRAPULE......The ladies on this forum are experienced, generous with their knowledge and willingly give their advice.....I think it's a wise person who takes it.

    I'm so sorry about your Birkin and hopefully you didn't spend too much and can enjoy it for what it is.
  14. Sorry for your pain. Sometimes we have to learn things the hard way. But I bet you'll never let this happen again? Enjoy your Evelyne. She's the real deal.
  15. yes I learned it the hard way :-s paid 500 euros for it, so that's like 750 dollars or something....

    I'm going to get a drink with a girlfriend, nobody knows I bought it (and it's going to stay that way :smile: and just trie to forget... Could have spend the money wiser tough, on the small bearn card case I want :-s

    thx for all the support guys...
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