My Vintage Chanel Wallet on Chain

  1. i'm not really sure if it's vintage, but the interior is quite old with lipstick stains (sigh i know)... but for $400 i guess it's acceptable! i might bring it for refurbishment later on but right now i have no problem with it. Overall it is in a good condition and i love how lush the patent leather is!!! i tried to capture it on camera but the reflection is quite tricky~ enjoy :supacool:
    Picture 004.jpg Picture 005.jpg
  2. awesome, I love it!
  3. Congrats~~
    I LOVE the WOC!!
  4. yeah they are soo convenient! a true to-go purse...and can switch from single strap to double strap~
  5. [​IMG]


    Lovely wallet...congrats:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  6. Oooh its very very pretty!! Where did you get it?
  7. i got it from a friend's friend~~ wow its late i have early class why am i still up!tpf is addicting :girlsigh:
  8. Very cute....congrats!
  9. Really elegant!!! Congrats!!!!
  10. very nice! congrats :smile:
  11. Cute!
  12. Oh I love stuff like this!!! Congrats!!! (Hope you got up for your early class lol!!!)
  13. Nice find, a real cutie!!
  14. It's very cute and at a nice price, congrats!
  15. Very nice :yes: