My vintage Chanel...keep or sell?

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  1. Just wanted to gauge what you guys think of my vintage it too big for me? I'm 5 feet and 95 lbs. Sorry for the crappy cellphone pics but my DC is down! I had to locate this bag after I saw it on Nicole Richie - it holds a ton but I don't want to look ridiculous w/it. I can't carry it on my shoulder w/a heavy coat on but otherwise it works.

    Thanks for thoughts! :nuts:




  2. I think it looks amazing on you.:yes:
  3. It's a stunning bag! Keep it!
  4. a few more pics of just the bag as I'm bored :P




  5. I think it looks great. It seems to be about the same size as the Grand Shopping Tote and I'm sure some of the smaller ladies here have those (I have a GST, but unfortunately I'm not 95 pounds anymore!).
  6. it looks great! def not too big
  7. I think it's the perfect-sized everyday bag and looks great on you! I actually like this size/shape more so than the GST/Petite Shopper currently available in stores. The triangular shape of that bag makes it look less bulky & IMO goes from day-to-night. If I were you I'd keep it!

    BTW is this caviar or calfskin? A few of the photos looked like calfskin to me (maybe it's the lighting, or just my bad eyes!).
  8. great bag -- would you mind telling us where you got it? I was in love with nicole ritchie's bag as well... is this the exact same style?
  9. hi! I bought it off eBay a while back....this is the same exact one as hers which is why I had to have it LOL. I thought it looked amazing on Nicole!
  10. I would keep it. It's a beauty.

  11. is lovely!
  12. I think it's perfect!!
  13. It's caviar (my photos stink LOL :graucho: )

  14. keep it everyone is lusting after it. nicole ritchie made it a big hit...
  15. don't even joke about that!:shocked: :biggrin:
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