my vincennes came! question

  1. it's small! do they come in different sizes? because it seems so small..:sad:

    and the leather is so stiff. def. not worth $1200, i'm glad i got 70% off , but still :sad:

    is there only one size of this bag?
  2. Like I've mentioned in another thread, the SA's at the YSL told me they were sold out of the black large. Maybe the SA that was helping you got things mixed up.. anyways, there's TWO sizes. Here is the measurment for the large:

    Large is 10"H X 19"L X 3"W .

    you should post pics too.
  3. I think you got the smallest onel.
  4. Hi the bag came in two sizes a medium size and a large size.
  5. yeah, i called and asked. they said they havn't had large since the summer. he said i have the medium. it seem so freaking small. i'm not gonna lie, i'm really disappointed. and the leather is thick and stiff..i was expecting something softer. :sad:

    oh well. i'll still use it, but i have a feeling i may eBay it later for something bigger. and you guys were right...the metal is not the most comfortable.

  6. i don't mean to sound like a ***** or anything but, see.... i told you it was impossible to get a large for $400ish.. they've been sold out for ages. i went even before the first markdown during the presale and they couldn't locate one anywhere in the us.

    can you return it? oh wait.. no returns on sale merch right?
    wait.. maybe you CAN return it saying that there was a misunderstanding?!?
  7. no, i'm gonna keep it. it was the medium, it still hold my stuff, just, not excess stuff. i got it for $479 so i'm still pleased, i just wish it was large. i wonder if i call a diff. boutique if they'll have a large??? or do they all only have small and mediums left?
  8. there's only 2 sizes. "big" and "small". they're out of "big."
  9. hmm, well, the guy on the phone called it a medium and implied they had small as well. maybe they are confused. i don't know, and i really don't care anymore.

    thanks for your help anyways.
  10. alright, so, after a day of wearing it, i think it's fine. yes, i have to downsize what i carry (which is probably a good thing, because i carry way too much) i think it's a pretty good size. yay. i'll keep it.
  11. :yahoo: I am so glad you like her! I have the exact same size and color that you have. I love mine. I have been rocking it for days! LOL! The handle is comfy and I love the look and feel of the bag. :p
  12. If it's not too much trouble, could someone post pics of there Vincennes? I'm wondering what the cards that come with it should look like and where the serial number is located. I'm looking for one on eBay and I would like all the info I can find! Thanks!