My Vicious Bliss, Forever Growing

  1. i took pictures of my coach collection today.

    it isn't much, but it's what i have, so i hope everyone thinks it looks nice.

    i also have 2 Dooney & Bourke bags that will be photographed and posted later. they are classier than many i've seen so i'm excited to share them as well.

    i am a blossoming collector right now, and my "Hit List" in my signature is a list of designers i plan to purchase in the future.

    please comment and let me know how the photography came out, these are the first pix i took, and my first day with the digital camera!

    :wlae: :yahoo: :wlae:



    Pic 1: group shot w/ pouch

    Pic 2: Mini Skinny/keyfob/charm, how i currently carry them (soon to change i'm sure)

    Pic 3: Signature Multipurse Keyfob :heart:

    Pic 4: a fabulous gift given to me by a great friend, Bessie :love: who i met on TPF :wlae:

    Pic 5: Cardinal Mini Skinny

    KeyfobsPouchSunnies.JPG MiniandFriends.JPG SignatureMulitPurseKeyfob.JPG VirgoBess.JPG MiniSkinnyCardinal.JPG
  2. pic 1: Signature Gallery Double Pocket Pouch in Black from Freeport, Maine, got SUCH a deal!

    pic 2: Signature Gallery Double Pocket Pouch in Khaki and Gold from Southern Californa (stinking ex boyfriend brought me, but I MADE the purchase LOL)

    pic 3: i love them both.

    pic 4: Black Leather tote, in a slouchy state, i got from my mother... SO delicous, and completely authentic, after a bit of dispute (thanks to the drilldown, i'm sure now! lol)

    pic 5: Black Leather tote in a stretched state, showing the size :yes: it's fabulous, i know.
    BlackPouch.JPG GoldiePouch.JPG The Twins.JPG ToteSlouch.JPG ToteStretch.JPG
  3. a few coach family portraits... i had fun taking pix, i have 2 dooney's that are getting the treatment next!

    FamilyPortrait.JPG FamP2.JPG
  4. YAAYA Jess they look amazing!!!!!!!!!!! :smile:
    you did such a good job with the pictures that very 2st one is so professional!!!!

    and im so glad you love your virgo charm! you rock babe love ya!
  5. I SUCK! :smile: i meant the very 1st looks so professional
    not 2st DUUUHHH!! ;) hehe
  6. AWwww they all look so cute together a little coach family. By the way great pics, very proffessional. I like them all but:heart: the double pocket in khaki and gold.
  7. Dooney & Bourke


    not every dooney is tacky and awful!

    pic 1: signature barrel that i got from a factory store. it's great for the ugly weather, matches the clouds well and isn't all leather so i don't tweek out when i run through the rain! hehe

    pic 2: same bag, slouched handles

    pic 3: the first dooney i EVER bought, and i love it to death. i so SO want the pink version but my roommate forbid me to buy it cuz i'd never use it.... lol thats what he thinks. Platinum Grey Hobo :smile:

    pic 4: Babette You *****, which is her name, posing with the hobo :yes: hehe we call her "TaTa"
    Barrel.JPG Barrel2.JPG platinum hobo.JPG Platinum ta ta hobo.JPG
  8. thank you tigger22! it was my first piece EVER! yay! i can't wait to make the family portrait bigger LOL
  9. Wilsons Leather

    pic 1: Red Pelle Studio that my grandma bought me :yes:

    pic 2: Rainbow Hobo with adjustable strap which is NICE!

    pic 3: Matching Rainbow Checkbook !
    redpellestudiowilsons.JPG rainbowhobowilsons.JPG rainbow checkbook.JPG
  10. LOL it's so rough looking at the fact that 44 ppl looked and only 2 ppl said anything *sigh* hehe *lurks around*
  11. aww it happens not everyone comments its ok!! :smile: I LOVE THEM!!!


    and how cute is babette you ***** posing with the bag!!! how did u get her to stay there so nicely?
  12. well i put the bag next to her at first and she flew into the kitchen, but i brought her back and set her nicely and she got comfy! she likes fancy stuff too lol
  13. Very nice and classy collection! I love that platinum dooney!
  14. Very nice collection-
  15. Thanks for sharing your collection, I love to look.