My VG twiggy is here, and it does look like a sausage!

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  1. Now I know what all those posts meant, but I still love it :p


    IM000825.jpg IM000827.jpg
  2. Lol..know what you mean! Your VG is gorgeous! love that color!!
  3. WOW!! love LOVE the color! congrats!!! :heart:
  4. Stunning!
  5. The twiggy is one of my favorite styles, and it looks stunning in VG! Congrats!
  6. What a fun color! Lovin' it! :tup:
  7. love VG and yours is gorgeous!!!! You'll have so much fun carrying this bag! congrats!!!
  8. I also found this giant polka dot paper highly amusing. The Balenciaga box was wrapped in it.

  9. Who sent you the polka dot paper? Was it Aloha Rag? Too funny. Well, I'm glad you like it -- from the subject line, I was expecting a tale of woe and disappointment. ;)
  10. The leather looks AMAZING!:love: Love the color, too!:heart: Congrats, Titania029!:yahoo:
  11. Yes, Aloha Rag, and packing tape with many different languages on it ;). No tales of woe here, I love my sausage-shaped bag :heart:
  12. Adorable! Love the sausage! :tup:
  13. gorgeous! the VG is one of the most amazing colors I've seen! congrats girlie!
  14. Wow loving the VG and the leather is so shiny!
  15. What a cute title... but what an awesomly pretty green sausage it is!!! CoNgrats!!!:yes: