My very vivid LV dream...

  1. Well, I must have gone to bed with LV on the brain. Earlier that day, I attended the birthday party of our neighbor's son. This very nice woman was there with two LV's: An Ambre bag (for towels) and a Denim Baggy PM. (I think of her as "Mrs. LV" because whenever I see her, she has a different one....all very nice bags.:supacool: ) So when I got home, I was looking at different LV bags online before going to bed.:rolleyes:

    I dreamed that my husband, my 3-year old daughter and I went to LV and I tried on every bag that I wanted. The store was HUGE and very white/beige with lots of light. Certain bags were displayed creatively on different shelves and they even had the history of certain designs displayed, sort of like a museum. (I read the history of the Lockit!) The SA was really nice and helpful. She pulled out whatever I wanted. I stood in front of a mirror and could actually feel the bags on my shoulder and against me. Now, here is the surreal part: They gave my husband some sort of LV cigar (he does not smoke, but he seemed to appreciate it:lol: ) and a black camera bag (he loves camera stuff). They gave my daughter a lollipop with a Panda and LV's on it. :upsidedown: And I kept hearing her say, "Try this one, Mommy!" :tender:

    I woke up really happy. :idea: Maybe it's time to visit the actual boutique in real life. :yes:
  2. That's hot!
  3. OMG! What a great dream! That's the kind you don't wanna wake up from!
  4. what fun!
  5. awww!!! what a cute dream!! :P
  6. LOL, that's so cute, especially with the panda lollipop!
  7. Thanks, ladies. I think the dream was probably so vivid because of all of the photos I've seen on this forum.
  8. What a cute dream! I'm finding that I dream of handbags often since I've joined tPF. lol.
  9. I wish I had a dream like that! :crybaby:
  10. Someone on this forum took really good photos of the inside of an LV boutique. Can't remember the name of the thread, but I cannot forget those photos.:girlsigh: :lol: