My very very small handbag collection...planning to get more!!

  1. Neverfull MM
    Speedy 30
    Coach Signature
    Juicy Couture
  2. Great collection...thanks for sharing!!
  3. Great collection! Love the honey color handles on your speedy!
  4. I'm updating my collection. Just purchased these pieces today.

    Balenciaga Brief
    Coach makeup bag
    Coach wristlet
    100_0064.jpg Handbags.jpg
  5. Great collection!
  6. You have something for every occasion! Good for you!
  7. lovely collection so far! i love the coach stuff.
  8. that is a great collection.. all classic pieces!
  9. Very cute stuff! :smile:
  10. Great collection- love the neverfull
  11. Nice
  12. Great collection! :tup: The Juicy Couture bag is soo cute!
  13. Great collection! The colour on the Balenciaga is beautiful!
  14. Great pieces! Love your Juicy Couture and the Speedy!
  15. nice stuff! you got good taste!