My very very small,but loved collection

  1. [​IMG]
  2. great collections...
    i love ur sophie
  3. They are so cute and I love the ludlow...
  4. Everything's so cute! Thanks for sharing!
  5. I just wanted to share with everybody and to say thanks to everyone for your help,especially JOHN 5---he helped me with the purchase of Sophie---i bought it from eBay.,mini pleaty is from let-trade,and the rest is from the store,audra is the newest -"2 weeks old baby"-hahaha,all of this i purchased in the last 2 months and yes,i think i am already an LV ADDICT!My next purchase is going to be i think Manhattan PM!I am dying to have this bag!!!:yes:
  6. gorgeous
    and not small I would say growing
    :biggrin: congrats
  7. I love your small collection!!! Congrats!!!
  8. Great collection! Best of luck to getting your Manhattan PM... sooo cute!
  9. Great collection!
  10. You have great pieces in your collection! I especially like your mc audra!
  11. I think you have a very lovely collection! :heart: I have a mini pleaty too, except mine is fuschia.
  12. What nice pieces! I really like the mini pleaty..I hope to get one this year :yes:
  13. loving the sophie. thanks for sharing your collection. :smile:
  14. great collection!
  15. nice collection, love sophie!