My very small collection...

  1. I'm new to this's nice to know there are so many purse addicts out there.

    Here is my small collection...I'm a Coach and Burberry fan.

    My Coach collection:

    My Burberry collection (and my lone Dooney and Bourke purse):

    I'm feeling the need to add more to my collection soon...probably a large Coach tote of some sort!
  2. I love them :p
  3. Welcome! I really like the Coach, especially the black tone-on-tone. Your Burberry bags are great and how nice to have the scarf to coordinate. Cute Dooney, too! Thanks for sharing--I love looking at other people's bags.:yahoo:
  4. They are lovely i am a big coach fan! and i just got my first burberry the other day :smile: love them too, you have a great bunch of bags! :smile: great shapes and variety of sizes! thanks for sharing!!!
  5. great collection!!
  6. Lovely collection!
  7. Love your Burb totes!
  8. Nice Coach!
  9. very nice :smile:
  10. Nice!
  11. lovely collection!
  12. Welcome! you have a lovely collection, thanks for sharing!
  13. lovely - thanks for showing us
  14. Very cute, thanks for sharing.
  15. great collection! love the burberry