My very small collection

  1. Hi,
    My collection is very small to everyone else's here. Ones I buy have an attached memory to vacation taken with hubby/family/friends.
    Or given to me by my girls. I'm sure with the idea to borrow them.
    In 2005 my family along with my bestfriend and her daughter went on a 3 week vacation. Instead of buying traditional souvenirs her and I went shopping in London where I purchased Burberry Prorsum 'Cinda' bag. Prada Bauletto Bag purchased in Venice. Our girls at the time were 12 know all the fine stores in London/Paris/Venice. Know all about the finer bags/shoes/accessories. Education that will be with them forever. While about they would play a game "Name that bag"!
    The other Burberry were gifts from friends and family.
    D&B bags were given to me from my girls along with the one Coach and Ugg. A friend who worked at Cole Haan saw the wine bag knowing I'm a wine enthusiasts thought it was fitting. He liked the Kenneth Cole items gave me those as well.
    I have few other bags that I've not included as they're not designer bags. More on the line of one of kind bags. I have a silk and cream with hand embroidery work covers the flap. the whole bag is hand sewn by a gentleman from Denmark whom sews 1700's fashions for those reactors. Couple modern hand beaded bag and coin purse. 3 late Victorian bags black velvet with silver beads/gold beaded bag/chainmail bag with sapphire closure. Chainmail bag I use as a prop for my costume as we all do Renaissance festivals. Lori
    Picture 003.jpg Picture 004.jpg Picture 013.jpg Picture 001.jpg Picture 009.jpg
  2. Great collection!! Thanks for sharing!!
  3. very nice!
  4. very nice collection!!
  5. very sweet!
  6. Adorable collection!
  7. Love the Burberry bags!
  8. i love your prada!
  9. Love the Burbs!
  10. Nice collection, and the stories behind the bags are nice too. I would be interested to see that 1700's style bag if you have a moment to post it. It sounds very unique.
  11. I love that Prada wallet!!!
  12. Nice collection!
  13. Mmmmm...PRADA! :yes: Nice collection!
  14. I have wallet envy. You have the Burberry one that goes with my tote. I always wanted a matched set. Lovely bags!
  15. what a fabulous little mix! And I agree with the titania029, much wallet envy, that burberry is tdf!