My very small Coach collection...

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  1. I have only been collecting since March so it is really tiny, but I love all of my purses so far and want more. I would like to add some wallets and a sling pack and some leather goodies to my collection along with more key fobs. Mine looks so small compared to all the others I have seen, but I really love them all. These are JUST my Coach bags..I have other brands! LOL :graucho: Hope you like and sorry for my crappy pics!

    Not pictured:
    3 pairs of Coach shoes *2 sneakers and 1 wedge sandal*
    Goldfish Keychain


    Closeup of the keychains.

    ETA: I have 2 other bags coming in the mail soon, so I will have to update my pics when they get here!
  2. Very nice collection. I love that turtle keyfob, it just keeps talking to me..."get know you wanna..."
  3. Cute!! I love the Carly!!
  4. You have a very nice collection! I'd love to see your shoes and new items soon!
  5. thats more than mine lol i LOVE your gold wristlet (the one with the sparkly gold and silver c's) i am DYING to have a wristlet in that type of print- what's it called?
  6. Very nice! Love the purple hobo and the denim duffle!
  7. Very nice collection!!! Love the Carly and the denim bag.
  8. beautiful! I love the fish bag and the tortoise keyfob :biggrin:
  9. Very nice collection, the denim bag is adorable!
  10. Very nice !
  11. You're off to a very nice start! Thanks for posting pics!
  12. Thank you everyone for all the compliments. I cannot wait to get more bags! I just love them all! :heart::heart::heart:
  13. I also have the purple fish bag! I love it so much since it's great for summer and looks different from the other coach bags! I love the big blue fish bag that you have too!!
  14. Very nice! Only collecting since March? Woo! Love the Carly :drool:

  15. Yep. March 3rd of this year to be exact! LOL. That was my birthday.
    I have been collecting ever since and have no plans on stopping anytime soon! :supacool: