My very small but gorgeous Miu Miu collection

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  1. Here are some pictures of my very small Miu Miu collection, I absolutely love Miu Miu and hope to add more in the future when funds allow

  2. and another picture

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!! Love your taste in bags!!! :graucho:
  4. Thanks Miu2 thank you for helping to authenticate. i would love a bow satchel but will wait until i have a bit more money lol
  5. would love to see your collection, do you have any photos.
  6. I love them both. Cute and funcional collection :smile:
  7. yes i have to go for functionality as well with having a toddler and carrying their things and not yet passing my driving test so i have to walk everywhere or get the bus
  8. Love both,the colour and the style!!!WOW!:heart: