My very petite Chanel family! INSTANT REVEAL!!!

  1. I had so much fun revealing my new 12A Quilted Riding Boots ( here's the thread if you missed it ) that I had to reveal my other Chanel babies to you guys.
    I'm hoping to add more to my collection soon, but this is it for now:
    -4 Grommet Mini Flap in Black Caviar with SHW
    -Quilted coin purse in Black Caviar
    -Brilliant WOC in Black patent leather - special thanks to my friend Martinibeach :heart: -

    Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, my photography skills are not the best.

    Thanks for letting me share :smile:
    image(22).jpg image(23).jpg image(24).jpg image(25).jpg image(26).jpg image(27).jpg image(28).jpg image(29).jpg
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    Congrats Emerilla!
    soo happy to see instantly ( chance ;)) your great reveal!

    Very beautiful collection of classic pieces!'s a chanel collection and therefore
    I would never say petite or small!

    your patent WOC is TDF!!! I love it
    and the lucky you to find a black caviar one!

    thank's for sharing!
  3. Wow love your collection!!! Where did you buy your wallet? I've been searching for one.
  4. Gorgeous family, congrats! :smile:
  5. Congrats! Love the burgundy patent woc!!
  6. lovely collection! can you show us a picture of what inside the coin purse looks like?
  7. LOVE them ALL!! Did you buy burgundy WOC recently? Do you think I can still find it??
  8. very pretty family!!! love your brilliant WOC!
  9. Nice collection

  10. Grazie cara, I have been really lucky with my mini flap, it was the last one in Europe and I found it on my first call :graucho:
  11. Thank you :smile:
    It's a coin purse, I bought it last December at the Boutique in Torino, Italy :smile:

  12. Thank you
    I sure will first thing tomorrow :smile::smile:
  13. great job:yahoo:
  14. beautiful collection!!! I really like your brilliant woc!!:love:
  15. Such a cute collection! :smile: