My very own orange haul!

  1. I have been so grumpy today. ok, all week. but tonight i am not. because i got my very own version of the other members hermes hauls. less, to be sure, but still so precious to me!

    here they are: my blue and white instruction pouchette and my black and white ex libres pointu! omg i am in LOVE. seriously. i wish i could sleep with them. not like in a dirty way. literally sleep with them around me.

    now i need to learn how to tie a pouchette and a pointu!
    IMG_4051.JPG IMG_4052.JPG IMG_4053.JPG IMG_4056.JPG IMG_4058.JPG
  2. Gorgeous!!!
  3. follow the instructions on the pouchette! :roflmfao:

    lovely stuff -- congrats!
  4. LMAO. why didn't i think of that. :noggin: i feel like a dummy.
  5. I love the great!!! LOL!!!
  6. hlfinn, congratulations on a fantastic haul! :yahoo: I'm very impressed that you acquired the Instructions scarf. I just recently acquired that same one myself after searching for awhile. We can experiment together on how to tie it since I really only know how to tie carres and not pochettes. I can't wait to see it and the pointu in action--post soon!
  7. do you have the blue one or the red? i would love the red too. i wonder if we got it from the same person? lol
  8. Great purchases- the white on black is very striking!
  9. Nice! I love those two patterns! Congrats! If you live near an H--maybe you can ask 'em for the booklet?! I don't have one yet either--but, I've seen 'em and they give GREAT ideas for tying stuff!

    Have fun and post pics of you modeling!
  10. Beautiful congratulations.
  11. I've never seen the instruction pouchette. Is it a new design? They are both so lovely! Thank you for sharing!
  12. Stunning items! Congratulations!
  13. Gorgeous!!!!
  14. Congrats!!! You must do some modeling for us. I love the instruction scarf, you really do have a nice collection going here!
  15. I have the blue one, just like yours. It's possible, but I think unlikely that we bought them from the same person as my seller is like me--her scarves are mostly in blue colorways. We both laugh about our efforts to branch out into other colorways and how we end up trading the other colorways for the blue ones in the end. I've already bought and exchanged three different colorways (sepia, pink and black) of Danse du Cosmos. I've decided now to hold out until I can get the blue one that is on French Hermes website. BTW, I have come across the the red Instructions scarf before; I'll let you know the next time I see it.